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So a lot has happened and this is an attempt to catch everyone up on what has happened and explain what will be happening.

1) Autumn is still structured as a fetus+32 team babby.
The structure of this Autumn will not be changing and all the information in the previous news post is still accurate. There may be a change to babby Cup structures in the future but that will be decided well in advance of Spring so that the proper preparations can be made and nobody gets blindsided by last-minute changes.

2) Final list of autopilots and competing teams for Autumn.
The autopilots for Autumn are /cm/ and /p/. /out/ has been given permission to play with managers to override the decision that was made after Spring in The Cull. No other team without a manager will be playing in Autumn and no teams currently without managers will be getting any.

3) /merit/ is dissolved and reforming.
For a while now the administative body of the 4cc hasn't been what it should be. There were a number of people involved who weren't really involved with the Cup at all and it lead to the group just kind of doing nothing. Some of the people in the new 4ccc group are the same but a lot of people are leaving with new faces to bring the group closer to where it should be. The people from /merit/ who are staying on are:
Lear (hey that's me)
Noteperson (conditional to him being more liv in the future)

This means saying goodbye to Smugleaf, Feedback, Gracen, NBD, and Ved. This doesn't change or diminish what these people have done for the Cup in the past and I am grateful for them being around when they were but this change is one that needs to happen.

The new people being added to /merit/ are:

The overall function of this group will for now be similar to /merit/ but once things get settled after Autumn there may be changes. This new group also will be taking advantage of Discord's setup by having a channel for various 4cc streamers to coordinate and interact with the 4ccc on anything that comes up, currently Paval and Kekkels are the streamers who are not part of the 4ccc in this channel.