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Rigged Wiki:News/Moving to PES16

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With PES16 being 99% figured out in terms of modding compared to PES15, we are confident to move forward to the current iteration of PES. Porting everything is copy and paste for the most part, but please start as early as possible to catch any issues quickly.

On the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 pages you will already find lots of info regarding the new version. However, most of this info will be heavily updated in the coming weeks as some key elements have only been figured out this week, so keep checking the wiki and Manager News.

Do not create a team from scratch or randomly pick one. Please note that the current 4CC Beta DLC will produce a default save file that already includes all 4CC teams. Please use this save file when you start working on your team. You can use this version for the time being, soon after we've celebrated New Year, a final proper DLC will be released along with a new version (1.03).

You can expect a working autoATF during or at least shortly after the holidays. While it might not reflect the final rule set, this and everything else will follow two days before the cup at an appropriate time.

Various people will try their best to speed up the transition and work flow, so please give them a hand by at the very least telling them what you need help with. Also, communicate what you are working on so the same thing doesn't get done twice (like pre-cup aesthetics or team exports).