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New new (old new) host and policy announcements

New host Tottori posted yesterday explaining that personal circumstance had made his position unsustainable. Effective immediately he is to stand down from his responsibilities with a view to possible return in a future season.

Former host DrBorisG has returned as interim host as a short term measure. Here is the bulk of his announcement:

Let's be clear: I'm here as a one season interim commish, I'm going to be looking for somebody to take over again by winter, it may be TT again if his personal life situation improves, or it may be someone else, but that is the plan right now.

Now let's talk about Autumn because that's what you really care about. I'm glad I got a little hint this was coming yesterday, but we're still pretty damn unready and I've got to go into overdrive mode to test shit. I need to talk to a few people first too before I can fully commit to a plan. Nevertheless I'm going to outline my best guess at how this all goes down here. Let's start with who's in:

Short answer is that we'll use the mega-babby format, 4 weeks, everyone is in pretty much.

Longer answer has to do with another elephant in the room: One of the reasons I left before was being unable to deal with Rowan's little gang of colluders. As Interim-do-not-give-a-fuck-about-popular-reaction-commish, I'm not putting up with that again. Any team we think is being puppet managed by him will be arbitrarily out, no argument, hate me all you like. I know he's popular with /pol/ and they have a sizable fan base, so we'll still let /pol/ play and Rowan manage for them. I'm making no bones that I think he's a cheating douchebag, but It should be harmless enough if there are no other teams he can force to take a dive for /pol/'s benefit.

What this means is that /biz/, /i/, and /t/ should all be ready just in case they get a shot. I'm willing to overlook the 6 months thing to get honest competition in here.

AS FOR THE FORMAT: Like I said, we're gonna test things, but we may either go 1.04 superstar with stat tweaks, or 1.12 yairpatch superstar with stat tweaks. This time I'm personally going to run about 8 games with each over an upcoming weekend on my PC so we can actually see how the cup running computer will handle both.

There will probably be a guest streamer to do Fridays so I don't have to take time off for this season unplanned. I don't know who it is yet, but there are about 4 options so surely one of them will be able to come though. This is where I still need to talk to people.

I don't plan to use any of the polling or sleepy-teams or rig timer stuff, consider this a one season season extension of the Boris way of doing things. The next commish, whoever it winds up being, can implement whatever they want as far as that goes.

So here are the dates I have in my head at least, these are subject to change but honestly seem pretty good:

  • Draw will be on Oct 4.
  • Export deadline will be Oct 10 with savecheck due by the 15th.
  • Game weeks will be 17-18-19, 24-25-26, 31-1-2 and the final will be Nov. 8-9
That's all I can think of for the moment, let's all just try to survive one more season with me, and hopefully my retirement will actually take next time.

Archive post

Expect further announcements and specifics in the coming days and weeks. For smaller and less relevant updates follow discussion in the /vg/ thread.