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Because I got tired of the ESTABLISHING COMMUNICATIONS every time I started PES2015 like you I made a small fix for it. Assuming you have followed all the instructions correctly on Pro Evolution Soccer 2015/Installation you only have to download this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0TwHGHvKz8TZXd6enQ5ZmE3bGs/view?usp=sharing . Extract, copy and overwrite everything (4cc_skip.cpk and DpFileList.bin) to the Download folder of your PES2015 installation. You should now have 5 .cpk files in the download folder.

If done correctly PES2015 should now skip the whole Establishing Communications after it has loaded the Edit data and go straight to the top menu. If you encounter any problems or any other issues afterwards please let me (Tony) know.

This file will also be included in the (final) Spring 2015 Aesthetics pack, so if you are a manager who is not in Spring 2015 there is no real need to download it right now.