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A minor announcement, yet an important one none-the-less.

Pre-Fox Export Names

As you might have noticed Pre-Fox PES requires a specific name to be able to import tactical exports. Unfortunately it only accepts 20 exports at the same time. We've got around this before by sorting this mess out behind the scenes for the deadline EDIT and requiring managers to find out where their team plays on a particular day and then count in hexadecimal to get to the correct TEXPORT slot. Those days are over.

From now on all tactical exports submitted, both deadline and nightly, are required to follow this naming format while on a Pre-Fox PES: [TEAM]_[Optional Notes]. eg. z_nightly export vs beedick, L_UOHHHHHHHHH, or just RS.
Following this naming convention allows us to automatically sort and rename these exports with a script. So all managers have to do is save their tactics, rename it to fit the above and then submit them.