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Alright this is happening. Since the last announcement we went from 38/39 teams to 41 and since that would lead to a garbage fetus format we're backpedalling hardcore and doing the thing that we said we wouldn't.

But seriously the way things were shaping out was leading us towards a very unfun looking fetus size so it is better to just do a u-turn here then stay locked in something worse. A 17 team fetus had no good solution to it and killing any of the teams to make the format better was never really an option so we are doing this instead.

So what exactly changed?
Well we now have three more teams than before. Welcome to Spring Gif icon.png /gif/ and T icon.png /t/ also give a welcome to the Cup for Aco icon.png /aco/. Because of this we were put in a spot where we are at 41 teams.

This means eight groups of five teams each, with the top two teams in each promoting to the knockouts and Summer.

Wait a minute that's 40 teams we have 41
We will have a 4 team group stage with the bottom 4 teams ranked by longest time since last match and then by the new teams with the top three qualifying for the main event. To ensure teams don't get "stuck" on the outside we are guaranteeing that whichever team is in 4th place will not have to play in a qualifier for Autumn. These teams are 3 icon.png /3/, Gif icon.png /gif/, Aco icon.png /aco/, and Bant icon.png /bant/.

But what if another team shows up?
Well sorry but so that we don't have to do all of this again we're giving it the Australian "fuck off we're full".

feed me dates:
Preliminary export deadline: April 20th, 23:59:59 wiki time
Babby qualifier: April 28th
Final export deadline: April 28th, 23:59:59 wiki time
Draw: April 29th
Babby groups Week 1: May 4th-6th
Babby groups Week 2: May 11th-13th
Babby groups week 3: May 18th-20th
Babby knockout week: May 26th and 27th

Let's make some madness and here's to a fun Spring.