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Do you know who ate all the doughnuts?


Sign-ups Open: March 1st (today) The signups can be found here.

Sign-ups Close: March 23rd, 23:59:59 UTC

Qualifiers Aesthetics Export Deadline: April 5th, 23:59:59 UTC

Qualifiers Tactical Export Deadline: April 6th, 23:59:59 UTC

Qualifiers Draw: April 7th

Qualifiers Weekend: April 12th-14th

Babby Aesthetics Export Deadline: April 19th, 23:59:59 UTC

Babby Tactical Export Deadline: April 20th, 23:59:59 UTC

Babby Draw: April 21st

First Weekend: April 26th-28th

Second Weekend: May 3rd-5th

Knockout Weekend: May 11th & 12th


Some niggas have been hounding me for these for a few weeks now. Well here you are the long awaited rules.

We will be returning to PES 16 for the duration of one cup cycle (Spring & Summer 2024)

Spring will be played on the base GGSS ruleset (99/88/77)

All Around: Non-medals return to having 4 cards total (Down from 6)

To provide the illusion that we can try something to stop the flow of goals all non-medal defenders that are registered in a blue position (CB, LB, RB) regardless of height system gets +5 defensive prowess

Manlets (Red Heights):

Due to the return of 16 Silvers no longer receive a stat boost for being a manlet they only get the 4/4 weak foot accuracy & usage stat. Non-medals retain the stat boost.

Non-medals registered to a red position (CF/SS/LWF/RWF) receive a +5 boost to all stats and can stack with the boost from being 175cm however these players cannot be given a 2nd A position

Lanklets (Green Heights):

Golds & Silver players no longer suffer stat nerfs

199cm bracket returns, however golds & goalkeepers cannot be in this height bracket.

To accommodate the 199cm bracket Green Heights have been restructured slightly:

3x 199cm

6x 194cm

4x 185cm

5x 180cm

5x 175cm

Any non-medal player registered in a red position (CF/SS/RWF/LWF) get an additional 5cm of height except for 194cm players and 199cm players and can have double A positions.

PoI Due

Unless you've heard me say something about making those reforms I talked about a while ago solid, don't assume anything has changed. I wont bloat the post with details but that conversation is basically on ice as long as we're in the fragile situation we're in. The system is flawed, yes. However as long as those who do it for free continue to clamp down on us implementing a more thorough or even a different system could bring us much closer to getting nuked off of 4chan than we'd like. Anyways, here's who is due up for turning PoI this season.

An icon.png /an/, B icon.png /b/, Bant icon.png /bant/, Biz icon.png /biz/, Cm icon.png /cm/, Fa icon.png /fa/, Gd icon.png /gd/, H icon.png /h/, His icon.png /his/, Lit icon.png /lit/, N icon.png /n/, O icon.png /o/, Pol icon.png /pol/, R9k icon.png /r9k/, S4s icon.png /s4s/, Tg icon.png /tg/, U icon.png /u/, V icon.png /v/, Vr icon.png /vr/, W icon.png /w/, Wg icon.png /wg/, X icon.png /x/, Xs icon.png /xs/