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Rigged Wiki:News/Spring Babby Cup 2016 Final EDIT.bin and Aesthetic Save released

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The final EDIT.bin and Aesthetic Save have been released for the Spring Babby Cup.
Due to this cup being the newly formed Aesthetics Council's first running, there has been a massive amount of changes to almost every team in the EDIT.bin.
Because of this, managers will need to download the latest EDIT.bin if they want to email in exports without some of their Aesthetics breaking.

Another taskforce ran by the Aesthetics Council was removing Placeholder faces from every team, so again it is vital that managers download the latest save so this process doesn't get overwritten.
Managers have no obligation to use the edited faces made by the Aesthetics Council and can edit them at free will, but we cannot stress enough that every manager should please download the new EDIT.bin at the very least so that no Placeholder faces return.

Thank you, from the Aesthetics Council. - Smugleaf (talk) 01:00, 2 May 2016 (UTC)