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Quick update on Aesthetic Exports, with the new Aesthetics Council dealing with Stadiums and Balls, they will no longer be included in the standard team Aesthetic Exports.

Instead, if you have a ball or stadium you'd like to submit, please contact Smugleaf or one of the other council members and we'll put it forward into the list.

Aesthetics Council Contact List:

Contact#Official Aesthetics Council

But yeah, Aesthetics Export Templates slightly edited, please download and use this format for your Spring Aesthetic Exports.

/sci/ Smugleaf has your new stadium and is working on moving it to the Slot 37 that you wanted, so don't worry about that, just remove it from your current Aesthetics Export.

Wiki Page: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/AET
Template Download: https://mega.nz/#!iBdgSKAD!fcHiqEmAGJb-0LvY1hz3bmrHAxdC0qwtR4kJAmY5wHs
Example Aesthetic Export: https://mega.nz/#!uM8X3IpD!dbHDkKcOENW3TaFc2B-jyuIhBosj9-EOaQ31alnXJv4