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The dates for the 2018 4chan Summer Cup are as follows:

Export Deadline: July 20th, 23:59:59 wiki time
Draw: July 22nd
First Weekend: July 27th-29th
Second Weekend: August 3rd-5th
Knockout Weekend: August 11th and 12th

There have also been some minor changes to the rules.

  • 194cm players in the green height bracket no longer face a stat penalty (You still cannot put medals in this bracket)
  • Manlets (175cm players) in both systems get an extra card
  • Manlets (175cm players) no longer get an extra A position by default
  • Outfielders may exchange a non-free card (IE something you select, not free trick cards or captaincy) for another A position (only one extra A position this way)
  • Only one registered GK is required by the rules. You still may not cross GK and non-GK roles with the extra A rules, but an non-medal outfielder may play as an out of position GK if the only registered GK required gets carded or injured out of the game.