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The dates of the 2017 4chan Summer Cup have been decided.
Aesthetics deadlines: TBD soon(tm)
Export submission deadline: July 21st 23:59:59 UTC
Draw: July 23rd
Week one: July 28th-30th
Week two: August 4th-6th
Knockouts: 12th and 13th

A few days ago a new channel was opened in the 4cc Discord called Suggestionbox which exists for people to give and discuss ideas for the 4cc in a productive manner. This channel has already helped narrow down some ideas for rule changes for Summer and we hope it continues to be a good resource where anyone can speak up.

The deadline that /merit/ is setting for rule changes is the 22nd of June which gives us three weeks to collect feedback and test ideas while giving managers a month to plan based on any changes that happen.