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The dates for the 2019 4chan Summer Cup are as follows:

Export Deadline: July 12 23:59:59 UTC (wiki time)
Draw: July 14th
First Weekend: July 19–21
Second Weekend: July 26–28
Knockout Weekend: August 3–4


After witnessing results of the testing sessions ran by volunteers as well as some live events and listening to the opinions of everyone interested and discussing the case in detail, we would like to introduce the format changes which managers should take into account while preparing for the Summer Cup 2019:

  • All stats of all players registered as GKs are reduced from 77 to 72
  • Height of all players registered as GKs is capped at 185 cm; they no longer receive the 185 to 189 cm bump and in case of teams going by the Height Advantage (green) rules, their GKs cannot be 194 cm tall
  • Following stats of non-medal players are reduced from 77 to 72: Defensive Prowess, Ball Winning and Explosive Power
  • In case of teams going by the no Height Advantage (red) rules, non-medal 175 cm players receive +5 stat boost in all stats (also applies to the stats listed above)
  • All stats of all silver medal players are increased from 88 to 91
  • All medal players are allowed to have up to 4/4 stats in weak foot usage/accuracy regardless of their height
  • All medal players are allowed to have a free First Time Shot card (does not count towards any regular limit)
  • Tournament will be played on Legend difficulty setting

Looking at results of invitationals and tests, we believe that changes above will improve the quality and entertainment value of the Summer Cup.