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News for managers

tl;dr: Set the glove IDs of your goalkeepers to any number between 1 and 10, otherwise they'll have normal hands on stream.

New patch

We have a new patch for the PES exe, which brings the following changes:

  • It makes all players (outfielders and gks) wear gloves if you set their gloves ID to any number that isn't 0, otherwise they keep regular hands.
    This means that you need to set the gloves ID on your gks to a number between 1 and 10 if you don't want them to have normal hands (you can keep them as they are for the memes, too).
  • It makes PES use glove IDs with four digits. Instead of gXXX it's now gXXXX, so you can use the same IDs for boots and gloves on each of your players. Make sure to check the boots IDs list to find out the IDs reserved for your team.
  • It makes refs use a preset list of boots and gloves (99xx with xx being the ref number). Thanks to this we can finally have FBM refs again.

You can grab the patch here if you want to try it: gdrive
You'll probably need it by the time the Summer DLC comes out with the new refs.

New save editor

If you need to set glove IDs above 999, you'll need the new version of the editfile editor with support for 4-digit IDs on gloves.
You can get it here: gdrive

News for aesthetics makers

New aesthetics compiler

Also, here's the newest release of the aesthetics compiler, now the uniparam gets updated properly so all the kits should work fine.
It also supports compiling gloves with 4-digit IDs. Please read the text in bold.

New blender starter pack

Lastly, here's a new starter pack for blender. It comes with:

  • The latest version of the new plugin for importing/exporting .fmdl models.
    It's much more stable than the old plugin (doesn't break on Ctrl-Z for example) and easier to use.
    It lets you export meshes with as many vertices and bones as you want. If you export a large mesh, the plugin will take care of splitting them, and will recombine them when importing so that they look just like when you first exported them.
  • A new plugin for importing .model models with the bones already renamed and the mesh already scaled.
    This makes it much easier and faster to port models from 16/17 to 19. Just import, join to a mesh imported from a template fmdl and export.
  • Material viewport type set by default, which lets you see the textures loaded on the .fmdl models as soon as you import them.
  • The new .fmdl properties panels moved to the top of the menus so you don't need to scroll down all the time.

Get it here: gdrive
Copy it to your appdata/blender folder, then change the 7X part with whatever version you're using.
Make a backup of your current folder first, in case you want to recover your bookmark and recent-files txts.