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Rigged Wiki:News/Summer Cup 2016 Rules

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The following rules changes will be made for the 2016 Summer Cup.

  • 1.04
  • 77/88/99
  • Keepers get all 80 stats
  • The two lowest height brackets are removed (165-69 and 170-74). Those players are moved to the 175 bracket and the height total is updated to make that work.
  • You can make your players shorter than 175 if you want, but their height still counts as 175 for the rules system.
  • You can edit "weak foot usage/weak foot accuracy" to lower values than the default for all player heights.

  • A link to 1.04 will be put up very soon but for now it can be found here.
  • Statlines for outfield players remains the same and note that the stat reductions for running height abuse are the same which means 94 golds, 84 silvers, 74 non-medals, and 77 keepers.
  • Turbomanlets are now something that people can choose to do but when calculating height totals they will count as being 175cm tall. Note as well that the height total is now higher overall.
  • The last point means that players 180cm or over can have their footing stats be one or two for both of the stats and for players below that amount they can have any combination of numbers.

These changes will be reflected on the rules page once I get off my ass and do my job.

For managers that installed Harlock for testing.

The Harlock Patch is the PES2016.exe that can be gotten from anywhere and dt18_win.cpk from the Data folder.

De-Harlocked .cpk