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In light of community feedback and internal discussion, the 4chan Cup Committee has decided to re-work the process, methods, and implementations of the new board interest policies.

First and foremost, the autopilot policy remains in place. Any board that demonstrates sufficient interest will be allowed to compete at all levels of the 4chan Cup on autopilot. The implementation of their tactics is TBD at this point but they will likely be at least approved by /merit/ and will not carry any qualitative penalties.

The new policies regarding board interest and the future of the composition of the cup are as follows.

Effective immediately, the teams Out icon.png /out/, P icon.png /p/, Adv icon.png /adv/, and T icon.png /t/ are put into stasis until Autumn 2017 and their qualifications for any tournaments before then are voided. Should these boards raise sufficient interest to revive in Autumn 2017, they will not be eligible to compete with a manager until the following cup (Winter 2018 should they promote, Spring 2018 otherwise). The specific reasoning for each of these teams can be found in yesterday's announcement. We felt that these boards constituted the most flagrant offenders of the new policies and that it was therefore necessary to take immediate action.

Anyone who has been following this process will notice there are two teams that were previously subject to The Cull missing from that list. This is because going forward /merit/ has decided to implement a concrete policy regarding board interest, and we did not find the boards C icon.png /c/ and Y icon.png /y/ as sufficiently devoid of interest to merit immediate stasis. They will instead be among the first teams subject to the new system.

A team which is judged by a majority /merit/ vote to meet multiple criteria which led to the implementation of the board interest policy is now subject to probation. The criteria are listed below as a refresher.

  • Not polling the board.
  • Not updating the roster in general.
  • Not having matchday threads.
  • Getting told to fuck off or not getting any response (while keeping in mind board size and individual board's moderation).

If a team is placed on probation, the manager will be notified directly at the conclusion of the evaluation session, which will occur at the conclusion of each cup. It is ideal that the fact that a team is on probation remain secret as to prevent a sudden influx of "fans", but we accept that we cannot keep the entire process shielded from the public, especially in this first round. A team on probation has two things happen to it:

1. If conditions do not sufficiently improve after one season, the team is eligible to be put into stasis, their manager removed from the team, and they will be required to prove interest to revive similarly to any team returning from hiatus.
2. A team on probation cannot indirectly advance to the next tier of the 4chan Cup. An indirect advancement is any situation where a team which qualified does not play in the next cup, such as being placed into stasis or missing the export deadline. A team on probation can only promote by getting top two in a group. This is because indirect advancements are by nature somewhat arbitrary to begin with so /merit/ reserves the right to revoke this privilege.

After this policy was approved, there was an immediate vote of which teams would be placed on probation. One of these was W icon.png /w/, so O icon.png /o/ will be competing in the 2017 Summer Cup as the highest placed eligible team. The managers of the teams on probation will be contacted with official notice shortly and will have whichever next season they compete in serve as their probationary period.

The purpose of this revision to the board interest policy was to set a concrete standard going forward. It is clear to us that the original Cull was handled far from ideally, and we certainly hope to use it as a learning experience as we all strive toward a vibrant and stable 4chan Cup.