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The dates for the 2018 4chan Winter Cup are as follows.

Export deadline: February 9th, 23:59:59 wiki time.
Group stage draw: February 10th.
First weekend: February 16th-18th.
Second weekend: February 23rd-25th.
Knockout weekend: March 3rd and 4th.
Aesthetics: tbd

Rules: This is the tl;dr of the new rules. They are what was used for the /pol/eague 2, what will be used for the upcoming 2018 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies, as well as was showcased in some test streams ran by DrBorisG (exports for those streams can be found here).
This will be the 5th Cup on PES 17 so a shakeup is needed in order to prevent it from being exactly the same as the last Cup or two and this should mean that going into Winter there will be much less certainty over what is the way to optimally set up a team. This isn't burning down the rules and stomping on the ashes but it's something new that has looked good in what has been seen of it.

The rules page will be updated as appropriate soon to reflect these changes.