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/vr/ league 3 Exports

Aesthetic and Tactical Export Deadline 11:59:59pm UTC on the 19th of March

Arcade icon.png /arcade/

Bandicoot icon.png /bandicoot/

Bf1942 icon.png /bf1942/

Cfo icon.png /cfo/

Cvania icon.png /cvania/

Dmc icon.png /dmc/

Dos icon.png /dos/

Fightan icon.png /fightan/

Fps icon.png /fps/

  • Invitational 9
  • Tactical Export:
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Gcn icon.png /gcn/

Gsrc icon.png /gsrc/

Home icon.png /home/

  • Invitational 12
  • Tactical Export: 6502
  • Aesthetics Export: ANTIC
  • Audio Export: POKEY

Hotd icon.png /hotd/

Jsrf icon.png /jsrf/

Konami icon.png /konami/

Mags icon.png /mags/

Mana icon.png /mana/

Mega icon.png /mega/

Mgs icon.png /mgs/

  • Invitational 19
  • Tactical Export: NOT
  • Aesthetics Export: OVER
  • Audio Export: YET v1

N64 icon.png /n64/

Neogeo icon.png /neogeo/

Nes icon.png /nes/

past ebin

Psx icon.png /psx/

  • Invitational 23
  • Tactical Export: KICK
  • Aesthetics Export: PUNCH
  • Audio Export: CHOP
  • Pastebin: BLOCK

Racing icon.png /racing/

Rare icon.png /rare/

Rct icon.png /rct/

Retrobtw icon.png /retrobtw/

Rts icon.png /rts/

  • Invitational 28
  • Tactical Export: ALWAYS
  • Aesthetics Export:GO
  • Audio Export:PLUS 2

Sakutai icon.png /sakutai/

Sfc icon.png /sfc/

  • Invitational 30
  • Tactical Export: see /nes/ tactics
  • Aesthetics Export: see /nes/ tactics
  • Audio Export: see /nes/ music

past ebin

Shar icon.png /shar/

  • Invitational 31
  • Tactical Export: OH
  • Aesthetics Export: IT'S
  • Audio Export: SUCKING
  • Pastebin: ME-

Retrohorror icon.png /retrohorror/

Backup Teams

25px /evermore/

  • Backup 1
  • Tactical Export:
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Dothack icon.png /dothack/

  • Backup 2
  • Tactical Export:
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Wars icon.png /wars/

  • Backup 3
  • Tactical Export:
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Gccx icon.png /gccx/