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Template description: This template generates a generic 16-team tournament bracket. Sorry but there's no "group" feature for this as there is for the regular 16-team knockout bracket, though I really don't see how one could be of use in a bracket of this type.

Template code
















Template parameters

  • RD1, RD2, RD3, RD4, RD5. RD6 — [OPTIONAL] The names of each respective round. Defaults to "First round", "Second round", "Semifinals", and "Finals", respectively.
  • The rest of the parameters fill in the bracket and consists of the form X-YZ where
    • X is the specific round
    • Y is either the team's seed, name, or score
    • Z is the specific placement on the bracket, counting from top to bottom.
  • team-width — [OPTIONAL] allows the width of the name field to be changed.