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Belongs at the start of match details tables.


This is an example of how, when combined, the templates are properly used. For more information on the functionality on a particular template see the links at the bottom of the page.

{{det-player|GK|1|Ham Hands}}
{{det-player|RB|3|Shelfwarmer|{{suboff|87}} }}
{{det-player|CB|4|Orange Transparent Chainsaw}}
{{det-player|CB|4|Saber Miku}}
{{det-player|LB|4|Nubs Destiny}}
{{det-player|DMF|3|My Nugga}}
{{det-player|AMF|3|Kinder Eggs|{{suboff|87}} }}
{{det-player|SS|3|Madoka Titus}}
{{det-player|LWF|4|Optimus Prime}}
{{det-player|RB|3|Detolf Shelves|{{subon|87}} }}
{{det-player|AMF|3|Space Godzilla|{{subon|87}} }}
{{det-man|{{anonymous|Dawgamus Prime|!!nAmLxhuSwBT}} }}
{{det-player|CB|3|Thom Browne}}
{{det-player|CB|2|Manbun|{{suboff|87}} }}
{{det-player|CB|3|Cole Mohr}}
{{det-player|DMF|3|Yohji Yamamoto|{{suboff|87}} }}
{{det-player|RMF|3|Hitler Youth}}
{{det-player|LMF|4|Raf Simons}}
{{det-player|CMF|4|No Poo|{{yel|64}}|{{suboff|87}} }}
{{det-player|CF|4|Dick Ovens|{{yel|87}} }}
{{det-player|SS|3|Young Stalin}}
{{det-player|CB|2|Fuccboi|{{subon|87}} }}
{{det-player|CMF|4|UUUUHHHH|{{subon|87}} }}
{{det-player|DMF|2|Freja Beha|{{subon|87}} }}
{{det-mom|Kinder Eggs|toy}}
Pos-GK.png Cond-very poor.png Ham Hands
Pos-RB.png Cond-okay.png Shelfwarmer Substituted off 87'
Pos-CB.png Cond-good.png Orange Transparent Chainsaw
Pos-CB.png Cond-good.png Saber Miku
Pos-LB.png Cond-good.png Nubs Destiny
Pos-DMF.png Cond-okay.png My Nugga
Pos-AMF.png Cond-okay.png Kinder Eggs Substituted off 87'
Pos-RWF.png Cond-good.png Matty
Pos-SS.png Cond-okay.png Madoka Titus
Pos-CF.png Cond-good.png Woody
Pos-LWF.png Cond-good.png Optimus Prime
Pos-RB.png Cond-okay.png Detolf Shelves Substituted in 87'
Pos-AMF.png Cond-okay.png Space Godzilla Substituted in 87'
Dawgamus Prime !!nAmLxhuSwBT
2013abc final-toy fa.png
Pos-GK.png Cond-good.png Tumblr
Pos-CB.png Cond-okay.png Thom Browne
Pos-CB.png Cond-poor.png Manbun Substituted off 87'
Pos-CB.png Cond-okay.png Cole Mohr
Pos-DMF.png Cond-okay.png Yohji Yamamoto Substituted off 87'
Pos-DMF.png Cond-okay.png Casemods
Pos-RMF.png Cond-okay.png Hitler Youth
Pos-LMF.png Cond-good.png Raf Simons
Pos-CMF.png Cond-good.png No Poo Booked 64' Substituted off 87'
Pos-CF.png Cond-good.png Dick Ovens Booked 87'
Pos-SS.png Cond-okay.png Young Stalin
Pos-CB.png Cond-poor.png Fuccboi Substituted in 87'
Pos-CMF.png Cond-good.png UUUUHHHH Substituted in 87'
Pos-DMF.png Cond-poor.png Freja Beha Substituted in 87'
Manager !!MANAGER

Man of the Match:
Kinder Eggs (/toy/)

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