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Goal {{{1}}}'{{{3}}}'{{{5}}}'{{{7}}}'{{{9}}}'{{{11}}}'{{{13}}}'{{{15}}}'{{{17}}}'{{{19}}}'{{{21}}}'
This template can be used to mark up a goal when displayed in the {{football box}} template. It supports up to five goals.

It is not intended for use in article prose: only in tables and templates.



An optional parameter, shows what time the goal was scored.
Another optional parameter, shows a note about the goal, such as "o.g.", "pen.", "corner", or other note.

Up to five goals can be specified, as follows:



If there is no note, just leave the parameter in question blank. The pipe character must still be entered if further goals are added afterwards. If another goal is added after a goal with a note, only a single pipe is needed. However, between goals without notes, double piping "||" is necessary for the template to display all of the goals.


  • {{goal}} → Goal
  • {{goal|67}} → Goal 67'
  • {{goal|44|o.g.}} → Goal 44' (o.g.)
  • {{goal|90+2|pen.}} → Goal 90+2' (pen.)
  • {{goal|5||20||90+2|pen.}} → Goal 5'20'90+2' (pen.)
  • {{goal|14||54|pen.|87}} → Goal 14'54' (pen.)87'

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