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Template:Sq ff start

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Team Position Player Last Score Total score


This template is used to display a squad in a standard format. This is a small format for a team's main page, with the full roster to be shown on a separate page. This shows the 'bare bones' information, i.e. squad number, position and player name.

Most squads are split into two vertical columns. For these, you can use the {{sq ff start}}, {{sq ff mid}} and {{sq ff end}} templates to help with the layouting, and then use this template repeatedly within them:

{{sq ff start}}
{{sq ff player|team=#TEAM_NAME|pos=#POS_OR_ROLE|name=#PLAYER_NAME |lastscore=#LAST_SCORE |totalscore=#TOTAL_SCORE}}
{{sq ff player|team=#TEAM_NAME|pos=#POS_OR_ROLE|name=#PLAYER_NAME|other=#OTHER_RELATED_INFO |lastscore=#LAST_SCORE |totalscore=#TOTAL_SCORE}}
{{sq ff mid}}
{{sq ff player|team=#TEAM_NAME|pos=#POS_OR_ROLE|name=#PLAYER_NAME |lastscore=#LAST_SCORE |totalscore=#TOTAL_SCORE}}
{{sq ff end}}


For example, the following code:

{{sq ff start}}
{{sq ff player |team=m  |pos=GK |name=EVA-01  |lastscore=5 |totalscore=10}}
{{sq ff player |team=m  |pos=CB |name=Mazinger Z  |lastscore=7  |totalscore=13}}
{{sq ff player |team=m  |pos=RWF |name=Alteisen |other=Captain  |lastscore=21 |totalscore=31}}
{{sq ff mid}}
{{sq ff player |team=m |pos=CMF |name=Strike Freedom  |lastscore=5 |totalscore=10}}
{{sq ff player |team=m |pos=DMF |name=Megas XLR  |lastscore=7 |totalscore=13}}
{{sq ff player |team=m |pos=RMF |name=Daizengar  |lastscore=21 |totalscore=31}}
{{sq ff end}}

Produces this table:

Team Position Player Last Score Total score
M icon.png GK EVA-01 5 10
M icon.png CB Mazinger Z 7 13
M icon.png RWF Alteisen (Captain) 21 31
Team Position Player Last Score Total Score
M icon.png CMF Strike Freedom 5 10
M icon.png DMF Megas XLR 7 13
M icon.png RMF Daizengar 21 31


  • no: The shirt number for the player, if they have one. If the player's number is not known, or unassigned, then you can use the character instead.
  • pos: The position in which the player plays. You can use any of the options below:
    1. GK Goalkeeper;
    2. CB for Centre Back;
    3. RB for Right Back;
    4. LB for Left Back;
    5. SW for Sweeper;
    6. DMF for Defensive Midfielder;
    7. CMF for Centre Midfielder;
    8. RMF for Right Midfielder;
    9. LMF for Left Midfielder;
    10. AMF for Attacking Midfielder;
    11. RWF for Right-Wing Forward;
    12. LWF for Left-Wing Forward;
    13. SS for Second Striker;
    14. CF for Centre Forward.
  • name: The player's name. Simple enough.
  • other: This is an optional parameter. You can add any related info to this parameter, like specifying captain, vice-captain, whether the player is on loan, etc. It will show additional info in the brackets after the player name. You do not have to specify it if neither applies.

Special Players

For gold, silver or bronze players, the tags {{sq ff gold player}}, {{sq ff silver player}} and {{sq ff bronze player}} can be used respectively.

For players in the starting lineup that are not bronze, silver or gold, use the tag {{sq ff start player}}.


{{sq ff start}}
{{sq ff player |team=m  |pos=GK |name=EVA-01 }}
{{sq ff start player |team=m  |pos=DMF |name=Mazinger Z }}
{{sq ff gold player |team=m  |pos=RWF |name=Alteisen |other=Captain  }}
{{sq ff mid}}
{{sq ff bronze player |team=m |pos=CMF |name=Strike Freedom }}
{{sq ff silver player |team=m |pos=DMF |name=Megas XLR }}
{{sq ff bronze player |team=m |pos=RMF |name=Daizengar }}
{{sq ff end}}


Team Position Player Last Score Total score
M icon.png GK EVA-01
M icon.png DMF Mazinger Z
M icon.png RWF Alteisen (Captain)
Team Position Player Last Score Total Score
M icon.png CMF Strike Freedom
M icon.png DMF Megas XLR
M icon.png RMF Daizengar