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Manager of Aco icon.png /aco/ & Twg icon.png /twg/
I also do Ss&m icon.png /ss&m/ for the /tv/ League.

Ex-manager of:


Doctormario 25px.png & Wiifittrainer 25px.png main.
I like to draw.

Some #FakeTeams I've had a hand in:

  • Dunkey icon.png /dunkey/ - videogamedunkey obsession gone too far
  • Lordran icon.png /lordran/ - Dark Souls obsession gone too far
  • Berserk icon.png /berserk/ - Berserk obsession gone too far

Personal Record:

Idea Notepad

  • All Star Matchup
    • Submit All-Star squads from different cups using FF information. Might just limit it to the 2018 cups. Will speak to _North after VGL11
  • Fake Team: /newgrounds/
    • Pico
    • Zone-sama
    • Tank Guy
    • Hey Pacman
    • Ultimate Showdown as anthem (maybe)
    • Uniform is Tank Guy's outfit
    • Derpixon
    • B
    • Goalhorn
  • Top 10 lists for 2021 Summer Cup
    • Goals
    • Matches
    • Spaghetti
    • Players
    • Rivalries
    • Controversies
    • Competitions
    • Goalhorns
    • Anthems
    • Asses
    • Betrayals
    • Competition Logos
  • /add/
  • The Great War Invitational - /twg/, /gsg/, /mbg/, /civ4xg/
  • MegaCup21
    • Replaces Spring & Summer 21
    • 64-team tournament with every 4CC team, even the dead ones.
    • Standard 4-team Groups, Top 32 KO's take place on Thurs & Fri of the Final Weekend
    • Teams relegated from WC21 qualify for ABC21, and the Babby/Elite cycle continues normally there.
  • Cool Anime Invitational
    • Dragon Ball
    • Jojo
    • Berserk
    • Gurren Lagann
  • WesternBowl for VGL teams
    • /assg/ - /civ4xg/ - /domg/ - /indie/ - /lzg/ - /mbg/ - /osg/ - /r6g/ - /rsg/ - /tf2g/ - /twg/ - /xcg/

On Official Friendlies & Rankings


  • More stats for teams
  • More opportunities for:
    • New Commentary boys
    • New Streamer boys
    • Teams can play more (see stats above)
  • Won't affect actual pot placement, only affects the now-useless Rankings
    • The Ranking of teams should be played up a bit more as a fun side-stat to follow. Simply adding (x) after a team's name in hype videos or other media would be super fucking cool to a new viewer. It's certainly something I always enjoyed checking when I was an early viewer, seeing which team was stronger based on a useless number.


  • Logistical requirements
    • The people who demand official Friendlies should be the first to present a streamer, a schedule, and a person to assist in bringing together aesthetics. All attempts to bring back Friendlies shouldn't be an empty demand towards /merit/ with no follow-up on the demand end. (hence why this whole shebang is just totally an observation bros).
  • Manager #Time'nEffort
  • Conflicting versions of PES
    • Big issue with ABC19F was the fact it was on 17; no one had updated rosters or new aesthetics to rock. While the ruleset gave us fun games, the players were tired and old news.


  • Single weekend of official pre-Spring Friendlies in April streamed by TheCrimsonMan. Make any concessions to the traditional format of '8 games - 3 days' if needed. Plan smarter, not harder.

Book of Grudges

A list of all parties that have wronged /myteams/. Grudges, when settled, will be crossed out.