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My thoughts on how Spring should be ran and why I feel the fetus should return. If you have hot opinions on this shout them somewhere. I've probably failed at the basic math I've done so pretend it's whatever the numbers should be.

There are two realities that I feel must be faced in regards to the Babby Cups.

1) New teams will be incorporated at some point.

  • We cannot keep our doors closed simply because it is how things are, there will be and you might argue that there already are boards that are ready to be represented. The Cup is meant to be an Even that encapsulates all of 4chan, not just the parts that were here first.

2) The current model for streaming the babbies is taxing as fuck on the streamers and it is proving increasingly difficult for them to secure the time needed to stream.

  • 4 weekends is a lot of time for any number of people to coordinate and attempt to make themselves free for, if there is a way to make the babbies easier to organize in respect to the streamers without making the experience shit it should be considered.

Because of these two factors I feel it imperative that we return to a 32 team babby with a fetus of varying size which I feel will solve both of these problems.

1) having a fetus of varying size will allow for both new teams to be added but also a way to ease out a number of teams that are not active without affecting the overall structure of the main cups.

2) while in some cases there are more games and days as a result of the fetus compared to the megababby because the fetus is less important (fuck you you know I'm right) it can be treated with much more flexibility in terms of scheduling (eg: middle of the week or at a later hour). Additionally due to lesser importance the fetus is a good way to test out potential streamers in an arena where even less matters than usual.

The fetus will operate with competitors looking for 8 spots in the babby, with the bottom babby teams and those below being placed into the next fetus as well as any team that does not have a manager when the teams for the fetus are being decided.

Now some numbers to show what the fetus will likely look like, the number of teams is meant to be flexible so as to grow and shrink depending on the number of teams that should compete in it. To note a 32 team babby saves 32 matches over a megababby so the +- is referring to the number of games overall with that in mind.

Groups of 3 can do double headers to make each group of 3 require 6 matches instead of 3 for less randomness which is an idea I'd heavily consider so I'm going to count them as such.

8 team or below fetus

  • No fetus needed

9 team fetus

  • Will instead be a single group of 4 comprising of the four lowest ranked teams
  • 1 group of 4
  • Top 3 advance
  • 6 games (net -26)
  • 1 day

10 team fetus

  • Same as the 9 team fetus but only 2 teams advance
  • 1 group of 4
  • Top 2 advance
  • 6 games (net -26)
  • 1 day

11 team fetus

  • 2 groups of 4, 1 group of 3
  • Top 3 of the four team groups advance, top 2 of three team group advances
  • 18 games (net -14)
  • 3 days (6 each), or 2 days (9 each)

12 team fetus

  • 3 groups of 4
  • Top 2 of each group and top 2 third place teams advance
  • 18 games (net -14)
  • 3 days (6 each), or 2 days (9 each)


  • 4 groups of 3
  • Top 2 advance in each group
  • 24 games (net -8)
  • 3 day fetus (8 matches each day)

13 team fetus

  • 3 groups of 3, 1 group of 4
  • Top 2 of each group advance
  • 24 games (net -8)
  • 3 day fetus (8 matches each day)

14 team fetus

  • 2 groups of 3, 2 groups of 4
  • Top 2 of each group advance
  • 24 games (net -8)
  • 3 day fetus (8 matches each day)

15 team fetus

  • 1 group of 3, 3 groups of 4
  • Top 2 of each group advance
  • 24 games (net -8)
  • 3 day fetus (8 matches each day)


  • 5 groups of 3
  • Top team of each group advances, top 3 second place teams advance
  • 30 games (net -2)
  • 4 day fetus (7, 7, 8, 8)

16 team fetus (fetus will likely be between 16 and 20 teams)

  • 4 groups of 4
  • Top 2 advance from each group
  • 24 games (net -8)
  • 3 day fetus (8 matches each day)

17 team fetus

  • 3 groups of 4, 1 group of 5
  • Top 2 advance from each group
  • 28 games (net -4)
  • 4 day fetus (7 matches each day)

18 team fetus

  • 2 groups of 4, 2 groups of 5
  • Top 2 advance from each group
  • 32 games (net 0)
  • 4 day fetus (8 matches each day)

19 team fetus

  • 1 group of 4, 3 groups of 5
  • Top 2 advance from each group
  • 36 games (net +4)
  • 4 days (9 each), or 5 days (7, 7, 7, 7, 8)

20 team fetus

  • 4 groups of 5
  • Top 2 advance from each group
  • 40 games (net +8)
  • 5 days (8 each)


  • 5 groups of 4
  • Top team in each group advances, top 3 second place teams advance
  • 30 games (net -2)
  • 4 days (7, 7, 8, 8)

I consider 20 teams the likely largest size for a fetus for at least the longest while. There are currently 60 teams of which 44 will be eligible for any babby so 20 will be eligible for the fetus. Even if new teams are to be added with this format the number of fetus teams will likely not exceed 20 given that there are a number of dead teams that are unlikely to be revived.

The way a fetus will be organized will be as such. Note that I feel the timeline for the prep for both the babby and the fetus should be accelerated so that the whole thing doesn't drag on but that can be thought about after.

Signups: every fetus team, any team without a manager, or any team that missed the elite cup due to a failed signup will sign up. If a team that missed an elite sign up and was placed down with the fetus teams can find someone to sign them up then they'll be safe from the fetus and will be placed at the top of pot 3. Failure for any team to sign up will result in the team being removed no exception.

Exports: gib exports, if it's fucked then send the team home early, the AATF is a thing so there's no excuse for being retarded.

Draw: exactly what you'd expect.

Event: the fetus itself will be either one or two weeks depending on both the number of teams and the schedule of the host(s).

Immediately concluding the end of the fetus the signups will open for the babby cup and we start a whole new mess.

This is a small update on my thoughts on the fetus structure. We're almost at the third fetus using this system so this is about as good a time as any to write up how I feel about how it is working, what's changed since then, and what's to be done going forward.

Overall I am pleased with the new system and feel it has acomplished the main goal I wanted to achieve, which was to make a cup system that was versatile and workable with any number of teams. There have been a few surprises. The biggest one is that the number of teams that are alive has dimished. I feel the reasons for this are the tougher rules for reviving teams, the desire to avoid shame of being a fetus shitter, and an overall trend towards more teams having councils.

From the structure I laid out we've deviated from the rules I set fairly consistently and every change has been for the better.

  • dragging a team down to the fetus for fucking up constantly
  • adding a playoff for the extra slot from the above happening because why not
  • and now we're faced with the possibility of making the fetus smaller and sparing some teams for the sake of a better format

We've been playing it fairly fast and loose with how we've handled the Fetus and there hasn't been any real complaints over not sticking to the plan 100% and I'm grateful for that. I don't take silence as complete approval but I think people are more fine with flipping the script at the fetus level than anywhere else because of the lack of dignity given to its competitors.

Anyway that's all I've really got to say, we're going to keep using the above rules and we're also going to ignore them whenever convenient to do so. I expect autopilots to throw another wrench into the windshield of this poorly oiled clown car but that comes later.