The logo competition for the 2020 Spring Babby Cup is now taking submissions. The deadline is April 1st, 23:59 UTC. Logos will be placed in this gallery like has been done previously to facilitate discussion. This will be followed by a week long polling period to determine which logo will be used. Please make sure you submit both a qualifier version and a normal version. Please send all submissions to Potatotron. You must supply a high-res PNG file and the original multi-layer source file. Cloverball logo: .ai .png .svg


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/vp/ manager from Autumn 14 to Summer 15
/vp/ tester Summer 16

Official Record

Unofficial friendlies counted for a complete total.

Cup Matches: 5W-7L-4D 31%
Invitationals/Friendlies: 13W-10L-3D (1 PK L) 50%
Total: 18W-17L-9D 40.91%

Kurisumasu Cup: 1 Draw (Loss in PK's 4-5)
Tag Team Cup: 1 Loss (Only managed one game due to IRL problems)
Test Cup V 15: 5 Wins 1 Draw (Won Cup)
2015 Winter/Summer Friendlies: 1 Win 2 Losses
The Decision 2: 3 Losses (Wooden Spoon'd)
Dedteam Memorial Cup: 5 Wins 1 Draw (Won Cup)
/vp/ Bowl: 1 Win 2 Draws 1 Loss (Loss in PK's 2-3) (Autopilot)
/vp/ Bowl III: 1 Win 3 Losses (made KO's in a 9-3-3-3, /orre/ should have advanced tbh)
/vp/ Bowl IV: SOON

PES 14 Record: 4 Wins 4 Draws 5 Losses (1 PK Loss)
PES 15 Record: 7 Wins 2 Draws 5 Losses
PES 16 Record: 5 Wins 1 Draw 3 Losses
PES 17 Record: 2 Win 2 Draws 4 Loss (1 PK Loss)