The logo competition for the 2021 4chan World Cup is no longer taking submissions, but you may still submit changes and/or improvements for the next two weeks.
The final deadline will be May 19th, 23:59 UTC. Logo submissions are located in this gallery. After this “improvement phase” there will be a one week voting period.

Please send all changes to Potatotron. You must supply a high-res PNG file (5000x5000 limit) and the original multi-layer source file.


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haha benis :DDDD
  • Aesthetic autist
  • Tactical retard
  • /aesco/ memember
  • Ballpack maker


  • Discord: Rytky#5697
  • Email:
  • /4ccg/


Issues & Quirks With Aesthetics 19 -> 21

  • Stadiums
    • Team vs team from the same division limits the number of stadiums from 50 to ~35. Stadiums listed below
    • Stadium ID mismatches/removals
    • The default pitch texture name has changed so retextured pitches don't work (e.g. KONAMI)
    • Every stadium automatically now has a skybox, breaking stadiums like The Void & Final PEStination
    • Empty audiarea_st0XX.fpk (ones with no audiarea.bin inside) crash the game
  • Players
    • Jiggly hair physics have been changed..?
    • Some FBM elbows are fucked - likely one of the arm bones in the skeleton has been changed
  • Generic - For Better or For Worse
    • Metallic shading (GGX) has changed
    • Shading & contrast have become more harsh, creating shadows, edges, creases etc. that weren't there before
    • New ggx_emissive deferred shader for glowing models

Missing Stadiums

Original Stadium Name ID Team New Stadium Name
Estádio do Morumbi 14 Biz icon.png /biz/ Crypto Space
Estadio Urbano Caldeira 16 G icon.png /g/ GNU/Lag (or GNU+Lag)
Saitama Stadium 2002 23 Asp icon.png /asp/ Tokyo Dome
El Monumental 27 Wg icon.png /wg/ Mont Cervin
Estadio Alberto J. Armando 28 Adv icon.png /adv/ Advice Dog Arena
Fußball Arena München 31 - -
Allianz Parque 33 Out icon.png /out/ 100 Acre Wood
Estádio Mineirão 34 Co icon.png /co/ Charles Barkley Memorial Slamnasium
Arena Corinthians 35 Sci icon.png /sci/ The Time Cube
Estádio Beira-Rio 36 M icon.png /m/ Orbital Ring Stadium
Estádio São Januário 59 Trv icon.png /trv/ Big Rig's Resort
eFootball Stadium 60 Vg icon.png /vg/ Grand Arena
Estadio Monumental de Colo-Colo 62 Vr icon.png /vr/ Super Arcadium 2
Celtic Park 64 - -
Estadio Alejandro Villanueva 74 Jp icon.png /jp/ The Untrodden Valley
eFootball.Pro Arena 80 - -
Arena do Grêmio 81 - -
Wembley Stadium 83 - -
Saint Petersburg stadium 84 - -

Tape & Glue "fix" Stadium IDs for Spring Friendlies

Original Stadium Name ID Team New Stadium Name Extra Notes
Camp Nou 2 U icon.png /u/ Astrea Hill Custom bg & Passage
Wembley Stadium connected by EE 5 Biz icon.png /biz/ Crypto Space -
Stadio Olimpico 6 Vr icon.png /vr/ Super Arcadium 2 -
Old Trafford 7 Vp icon.png /vp/ Realgam Tower Custom bg & Passage
Estádio José Alvalade 10 Sp icon.png /sp/ Transaltantic Semen Pipeline -
Allianz Arena 11 - - Custom bg & Passages
Metropole Arena 13 Gd icon.png /gd/ Adobe Arena -
Estadio de Escorpião 15 Jp icon.png /jp/ The Untrodden Valley -
Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo 17 Out icon.png /out/ 100 Acre Wood -
Stade de Sagittaire 18 A icon.png /a/ Akihabara Denki-Gai -
Stadio Orione 19 K icon.png /k/ Battleship Bismarck -
Burg Stadion 20 Mlp icon.png /mlp/ Cirrus Maximus -
Allianz Stadium 22 - - Custom bg & Passage
KONAMI Stadium 29 4ccc icon.png /4ccc/ KONAMI Stadium Neutral stadium, used primarily for cup finals.
Estadio del Martingal 40 M icon.png /m/ Orbital Ring Stadium -
Stade Louis II 41 Co icon.png /co/ Charles Barkley Memorial Slamnasium -
Rose Park Stadium 42 Ck icon.png /ck/ Benuldies Bar and Grill -
Estadio Campeones 43 Trv icon.png /trv/ Big Rig's Resort -
Coliseo de los Deportes 44 Cm icon.png /cm/ Karasuno Gymnasium -
Sports Park 45 Mu icon.png /mu/ The Mountaintops -
Neu Sonne Arena 46 Mlp icon.png /mlp/ Racist Barn -
Village Road 47 Vp icon.png /vp/ Battle Royal Arena -
St. Jakob-Park 49 Asp icon.png /asp/ Tokyo Dome -
Hoofdstad Stadion 50 H icon.png /h/ Sad Panda Communal Faphouse -
Emirates Stadium 52 - - Custom bg
Stadio Nazionale 54 - Zuikaku -
Estadio del Tauro 55 X icon.png /x/ The Void -
VELTINS-Arena 63 3 icon.png /3/ Polly's Wonderland Custom bg & Passage
Ibrox Stadium 65 Vg icon.png /vg/ Grand Arena -
Celtic Park 66 Pol icon.png /pol/ /pol/ in the High Castle -
Johan Cruijff ArenA 70 I icon.png /i/ Simple and Easy Arena -
Gazprom Arena 82 V icon.png /v/ Final PEStination -


Team Ball Additional Notes
Pw icon.png /pw/ /asp/ Ball lol -
Vm icon.png /vm/ C4 -
Vrpg icon.png /vrpg/ A Slime Approaches! /vr/ League Ball
Vst icon.png /vst/ You Must Construct Additional Pylons /vr/ League Ball
Vt icon.png /vt/ Annoying Orange / YAGOOhead -