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The following proposal outlines a new way of awarding Babby Cup spots. It aims to reduce the number of teams playing in a qualifier, even the odds between established and upcoming teams, and provide a longterm solution that favors teams that are fun to watch.

In particular, teams are no longer awarded spots based on performance alone, but also other aspects like aesthetics, popularity, and overall presentation.

Babby Cup Qualification stages

First of all, the first 16 spots are no longer awarded to the teams relegated from the previous Elite Cup. Instead, Babby spots are awarded in multiple ways, with not all of them being based on performance. To avoid overlap, the process goes through several stages which take place one after another. If a team fails to earn a place in one stage, it may have another chance in the following stage(s).

The stages currently look like this for both Babby Cup formats:

Normal Babby (32 teams)

  1. 8 spots to the (relegation stage)
  2. 24 spots by Babby Council vote (selection stage).
  3. 8 spots awarded by performance in a qualifier or invitationals (performance stage).

Mega Babby (40 teams)

  1. 30 spots by Babby Council vote (selection stage).
  2. 8 spots awarded by performance in a qualifier or invitationals (performance stage).
  3. 2 spots awarded by popular vote (poll stage).

Selection stage

In the selection stage, spots are awarded by if and how well a team fulfills a list of requirements. Some of these are objective, others are partly or completely subjective.

The selection stage is overseen by the Babby Council which is formed anew for each Babby Cup (see below). The council decides which teams are eligible for this stage based on a checklist consisting of objective prerequisites.

Second, each member rates each eligible team based on several subjective yes/no questions, with each 'Yes' answer counting as one point for the team. The teams are then ranked by points and the top teams are awarded the spots assigned to the selection stage.

In the case of a tie between low ranked teams, the Babby Council holds a vote. The results of the selection stage are to be made public.

Performance stage

The performance stage is a qualifier in the established sense (e.g. a Fetus Cup or (Un)friendlies). The qualifier may either be held by the 4CCC themselves or by a third party that has been given official permission.

In the case of multiple qualifiers, the spots may be divided between those.

Poll stage

As the numbers do not add up well for a Mega Babby, the remaining spots in this format are given away based on popular vote. Which teams are eligible for this stage is decided by the 4CCC.

To minimize any room for rigging, the poll may be held on short notice and only for a few hours. The poll must however be announced on the thread and the wiki frontpage.

In detail

The 4CC Babby Council

The Babby Council consists of anywhere between 6 to 12 people, with the 4CCC roughly providing 33% to 50% of the seats (as individual people). The other members may be managers, testers, commentators or otherwise active 4CC people that are not directly involved with any of the teams in question. For each cup, all eligible people may sign up through the wiki for a seat. The seats are then awarded at random. The council is formed anew for each Babby Cup.

Prerequisites for the selection stage

If a team fails to meet any of the following prerequisites, they are not eligible for the selection stage:

  • The corresponding board is at least 5 months old.
  • A basic team page on the wiki with the team box template filled out.
  • A logo on the team page that includes the team name (e.g. '/a/') with a resolution of at least 1024 x 1024 px and a transparent background (PNG with alpha channel).
  • An anthem and at least one goalhorn that are all linked on the team page and are accessible/available.
  • A manager that is either verified or scheduled for verification.
  • A roster of 23 players that complies with the current rule set.
  • Two outfield kits and one goalkeeper kit.
  • A tactical export that reflects the points above and is in accordance to the current rule set (such as non-clashing kits). The export does not require 'proper' tactics or formations.
  • A basic aesthetics export including all kits, the team logo, and team colors.

Subjective questions for the selection stage

All questions are to be answered with 'Yes' or 'No' and in context to the other teams. Some questions are very similar to give certain aspects more weight.

  1. Do the teams's wiki pages positively stand out?
  2. Does the team have a roster page that gives some entertaining insight on the players?
  3. Do you think that the roster properly reflects the board and is not just lazily drafted up?
  4. Do you consider the overall presenation of the team in other aspects (logo, kits, anthem, goalhorns) to be good?
  5. Does the team have a decent baseline of aesthetics (as in non-placeholder faces)?
  6. Does the team have aesthetics that you consider outstanding and/or unique?
  7. Do you think that the management cares and is willing to go beyond the minimum requirements, even if only by a little?
  8. Do you have the impression that the team has support from its board?
  9. Do you believe that the team is not just forced by a very small group of people?
  10. Do you think that the average viewer will enjoy seeing this team play?

Needed changes to pots

The teams are placed into pots like they always were, regardless of in which stage they were awarded a Babby spot.

In the event that there is more than one pot to fill with teams that did not participate in a previous Elite/Babby Cup, the teams are ranked based on the amount of cups they have missed. The more cups they have missed, the lower they are ranked. A team that never participated in an official cup before is put into the lowest pot by default. Should teams be tied between two pots, the decision is made at random during the draw.