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Superzak !!I1ftieCPe9P
/out/ co-manager
/mbg/ co-manager

Streamed the Outlelb Owl

Other Teams

Republiek Der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden

me trying to create a roster page

Name Description
Penis Gourd Styleful
Pipesmoking Getting comfy /out/
The Flextrek Whipsnake Comes with Space Age Responso-flex Construction developed by NASA!
The Hydranus Never be thirsty again!
Long John Silvers Stay warm
McCandless Let's pretend his passion was Nascar driving...

Christopher McCandless sets off, from California in an old car he rebuilt himself (he replaced the fenders and painted it), on a trip to the Daytona 500. He only gets across the state line when he runs out of fuel because he forgot to fill it up. Instead of simply walking to the nearest gas station or flagging down help he decides to push his car over an embankment and set it on fire. He then proceeds to walk on foot to the nearest car lot (which happens to be in Mexico for some reason, mostly because he burned up his map in the car and he's been taking backroads.) He finds an old bicycle in a garbage dump and uses that.

He finally gets to the car lot and buys a fixer-upper for $50. Before leaving the car lot he has to change a tire, which he replaces with the solid rubber donut. He buys fuel and heads off to the Daytona 500 again. Only he's heading deeper into Mexico and eventually ends up broken down in front of, "Autodromo Internacional de la Jolla" due to no water in the radiator. The engine block has seized up. Luckily, there's a race about to start. "Alexander Superspeeder", who changed his name, pays the $125 entry fee for the race.

Unfortunately, Alexander Superspeeder doesn't have a race car. He does however have an old bicycle still. He uses the bicycle to race. He makes it only 3 laps before he is too tired to steer straight and veers off into a race car and is killed.

Some Jew picks up his story and writes a book about his life and how he followed his dreams. Another Jew makes a movie about it. Armchair racers around the world adore him.

The End.

This is what we wear in Germany This is what we wear in Germany.jpg
Batonny Chop Chop Batoning.jpeg
Anon's Happy Floote Anon's happy floote.jpeg
Smokey The Bear Preventing forest fires since 1944

Smokey drawing.jpg

Want Some Chips? Coming to your tent soon

Plague doctor.jpg

Thrift Store Anon Look at this sexy, thrift store hunting motherfucker

Thrift Store Anon2.jpg

Goretex That stuff is magic yo
Snufkin Living the /out/ life we all dream of
Geopooping That'll teach them
River Shitting The best way to poo when /out/
>Ultralight >>not taking a first aid kit with you because it saves weight
YuruCamp Fire FUCK camping and FUCK Yuru Camp
Alex Wolfslam The best way of dealing with wolves
Cairn Kicker Keep that shit out of my /out/
Varg Start going /out/

Varg thumbs up.jpg

Leave No Trace Keep the /out/doors clean
Mepps™ The World's #1 Fishing Lure