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4CC MUGEN Summer 16 Edition

Add here entries for the 16 fighter unlimited tourney. Strength doesn't matter and should ideally be over the top. Not allowed are completely invinciple fighter (null voiders) and those that crash the game. Preferably a download link, which board it represents and if needed which palette the fighter will use. I try to find characters without links, helpful for that is the character and the author name, but some chars are impossible to find.

 Chuck Norris  
 Megalith 11p
 Embodiment of Darkness  
 Shana 12p  
 H syobo-n 12p  
 Wario64 11p
 Flan ex 12p  
 Idol-Hisui 11p  
 RealDoom 12p
 Honki Ultraman  
 Hyper Gogeta  
 Harambe 12p  
 Roadsign 12p  

Chars here:
-Waha+ /a/ 11p!sVVgHZQY!ONDn58hmW3h1_rvaPVqiJ7HuefrTf7PJzBH9cizxQ0w
-Hyper Gogeta /v/
-Tsukuyo /po/ 12p!CBJRVQYL!wqsjGtfIRHunXxaIz-21-RQs3bWiULkhAw2ayyxQ35E
-Embodiment of Darkness /ck/ 1p
-Briaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan /sp/ 1p
-Idol Hisui /mu/ 1p is low X 11p mid X
-Astonishing Cyclops /co/
-Shana /a/ or /c/
-Madoka for /u/
-Amber Lamps /sp/
-Chris_GB /m/ 12p
-Arthas /v/

Put random chars for after tourney matchups here:
-God Mars
-Bokosuka Wars
-Kanji Tatsumi (/cm/ or /vg/ rep? Do boards matter for this shit?)
- here is Crash to celebrate his place on the /vr/ roster
-Servant Emiya
-Rage Rock
-Soccer Len