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>Skype: sirpains

Discord: TheBird#5396


Tested then co-managed for /aog/ and helped revive the legendary golden wingers tactics in VGL6. Then we didn't advance. Thrice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ >then /aog/ finally advanced and won the whole thing who knew

Co-manager of /vp/ who joined the ride on breaking >the /vp/ yo-yo curse, then the journey to the Elite 4 in 3rd place, now just to aim for Championship.


Aog icon.png /aog/

Jojo icon.png /jojo/

Vp icon.png /vp/

Bird icon.png /bird/

Nyc icon.png /nyc/

Vpan icon.png /vpan/

Nfl icon.png /nfl/

Vpint icon.png /vpint/

Ssbg icon.png /ssbg/