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Music Bowl ideas

Original pastebin


Team music is important. It makes otherwise undecided fans of other teams become your bandwagoners once their team is out, it makes /yourboard/'s team memorable, and if you're a huge fag with an internet ego, it lets people know you have good taste (provided it's actually good). But most importantly, team music is important to keeping up the hype. Which leads us to this -- which team can provide the best beats for any situation? The Music Bowl aims to answer that question.


  • Tactical + aesthetics exports: Same as the settings for the most recent cup.
  • 90 minutes. No ET. Penalties.
  • Possibilities:
    • Single elimination bracket. 16 or 8 teams.
    • Or if 8 teams sign up, a two-week league over 4 days with 28 matches. (- Shakes)


  • Teams must submit a unique music export for every matchday. Tactical nightlies are also allowed for the second weekend. No livemanagement; simple pastebins allowed. Complex flowcharts and 4D chess please go and stay go.
  • Exports must contain an anthem, goalhorn, and victory anthem.
    • These tracks MUST be thematic to both the team in question, AND the opposing team.
    • You are permitted one striker althorn if you so choose, but again, thematic.
      • Why limit striker althorns? So to speak, they can spoil the broth. Motivating example is Mu icon.png /mu/: Brother Sport is a vastly underrated goalhorn, because it's never heard -- owing simply to the fact that /mu/ is inundated with striker alt-horns. On average, Brother Sport plays once per cup. Sometimes fewer.


  • At the start of each matchday and throughout the day, a viewer poll will be held and linked for each matchup.
  • The teams will be scored in the following categories:
    • Thematic relevance. Which team chose music that was most relevant to the matchup or to the topic of their respective boards?
    • Energy and hype. Which team's music was more energetic, hype-building, and appropriate in their respective role (i.e., as a goalhorn, anthem)?
    • Would you bandwagon this team to go ahead? This category is based solely on the team's goalhorn. Would you want this team to score more goals and possibly take the cup purely to hear the goalhorn over and over?
      • This third category highlights a tactical consideration. Obviously your team will forfeit this category if it fails to score, giving the other side an immediate polling advantage. So -- make a team that scores once and then parks the bus like an asshole, or mutually agree to just play heavy-handed +2 murderball?
  • The winner of the match will be decided not based on the score result, but on the outcome of these three categories. The result will be announced on-stream at the conclusion of the game, after which the victory anthem will play.
  • The victory anthem will not be scored, but it would be in good taste to prepare one anyway.
  • As mentioned above, teams are allowed ONE striker althorn, but as far as the category is concerned it'll be lumped in with the general goalhorn. It may help score or lose brownie points with the audience based on your selection for each and depending on who scores or doesn't. Up to you.
  • In the event that neither team scores, penalties occur, during which the teams' regular goalhorn will play during penalty set-up and kicks.
    • In the event of a tie, a run-off will occur using the stream poll for a minute, and if that ties, a coin will be flipped.

Further considerations

  • Quarter- and semi-finals: If you're having trouble coming up with music for each possible matchup (although a week should probably be enough to find music for up to 6 other teams), you can take risks and bet on your next possible opponent, but if you guess wrong you'd be pretty fucked.
  • Scoring goals on headers results in shorter replays; if your music has a long wind-up you may be gimped. Replays will be as long as they can be dragged out, of course.
  • If this ends up being successful with just 4cc teams we can definitely try making signups free-for-all in later installments. Fake teams, VGL, whatever you want.

An index of fake teams I made up for memes

  • Nbl icon.png /nbl/ - A team that specifically is about the Nuzlocke Forums' draft league, but also covers a ton of other stupid general Pokémon draft league memes.
  • Sd icon.png /sd/ - A team based off the showderp room and thread on /vp/.
  • Cncg icon.png /cncg/ - A team based off an imaginary Command & Conquer /vg/ thread.
  • Gbfg icon.png /gbfg/ - An adjunct /gbfg/ team consisting of the more cancerous, circlejerky shit that really shouldn't be on the main roster anyway.
  • Flip icon.png /flip/ - A team for the best nation in Southeast Asia (not that that's saying much).
  • Iva icon.png /iva/ - Because only the best FF series have the best in-game universes.
  • Enstars icon.png /enstars/ - Idolshit except done better and with more drama than raibus and imas combined. Oh, who the fuck are we kidding.