2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies

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The 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies was a day of unofficial Friendly matches between 4chan Cup teams held on Sunday, August 25th. The matchday was played on Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 due to streamer hardware limitations.

The rules for the friendlies were as follows:

  • Each match was set to 10 minutes match time
  • Teams/Managers were free to use this article's talk page to arrange friendlies for their team.
  • Matches played with non-standard 4CC rules were to be noted down as such on this page.
  • Format was GGSS with the same stat allocation & card format as Summer 2019.

The Matches

25 August 2019 /v/ V icon.png 2–2 U icon.png /u/

JC Denton Goal 14'
Bing Bing Wahoo Goal 40'
Goal 23' Purest Form Of Love
Goal 86' The Spy Who Licked Me
Final PEStination

25 August 2019 /o/ O icon.png 4–2 N icon.png /n/

Eco Boost Goal 16'
Miata Goal 25'30'
Takumi Goal 86'
Goal 54' Hipster Fixie
Goal 90+3' Blimp Train
Booked 11' Old Steel 10 Speed
The Tilkedrome

25 August 2019 /an/ An icon.png 1–2 Out icon.png /out/

Take it to the Vet Goal 71' Goal 5' Anon's Happy Floote
Goal 8' Smokey the Bear

25 August 2019 /his/ His icon.png 5–2 Lit icon.png /lit/

>Holy>Roman>Empire Goal 16'50'
Bomber Harris Goal 19'
Charles II Goal 22'
Finno-Korean Hyper war Goal 54'
Napoleon Booked 58'
Goal 7' Start With the Greeks
Goal 33' Lolita Wanted It
Booked 9' >translations
Amphitheatrum Flavium

25 August 2019 /d/ D icon.png 2–6 Aco icon.png /aco/

Futa/Alternative Goal 2'
Succubus Goal 41'
Goal 5' Jenny Wakeman
Goal 16'67' Shygal
Goal 25'75' Mexico-chan
Booked 78' The Chadshad
The /d/eviant's /d/en

25 August 2019 /fit/ Fit icon.png 3–6 Sp icon.png /sp/

Zyzz Goal 2'
Kyriakos Grizzly Goal 19'
Rich Piana Goal 21'
Goal 14' Punished Messi
Goal 67'85' George Costanza
Booked 20' *dabs with the World Cup*
Booked 87' >Schalke

25 August 2019 /vg/ Vg icon.png ABANDONED Biz icon.png /biz/

25 August 2019 /wg/ Wg icon.png 3–3 Mu icon.png /mu/

Descartes Goal 32'83'
Cunt Destroyer Goal 49'
Goal 9' John Lennon Beat his Wife
Goal 75' Michael Gira
Goal 90+4' MC Ride
Booked 12' Richard D James
Mont Cervin
Bliss Scored
Cunt Destroyer Scored
Helios Scored
Descartes Scored
4–2 Scored Merzbow
Scored MC Ride
Missed Jeff Mangum
Missed John Lennon Beat His Wife

Notable Moments/Excerpts

  • Both managers for D icon.png /d/ and Aco icon.png /aco/ joined in fraternity and cameraderie for their match and the inner mechanations of porn boards and their respective teams were discussed
  • The pure chaos of the opening minutes of Sp icon.png /sp/ - Fit icon.png /fit/ where none of the three commentators had time to finish a thought before another goal was scored
  • After many many shenanigans and minutes of rigging, Vg icon.png /vg/ - Biz icon.png /biz/ was finally ready to go... until it crashed during anthems. Fed up, the streamer abandoned the game. It was later found out that forcing a 5-striker formation, like what /vg/ were running, will cause a crash during the match-opener cutscene. Many lamented the lost opportunity to hear DATABASED.
  • The dedication of Mu icon.png /mu/ to field a team of wallpapers based on their respective players a la their opponent
  • Bliss joined his team on a last-minute corner during Wg icon.png /wg/ - Mu icon.png /mu/, leaving the net wide open in the event of a counter attack. The counter went off with a near-half court shot taken from MC Ride. The despair in Bliss's featureless face was palpable
  • Finno-Korean Hyper War scored and the cup was saved


If a team signed up and did not submit an export, the streamer used their latest stuff from PES 17.