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The page is where information such as: teams, times, dates and stream locations should be posted for all tournaments and events not hosted by the 4CCC.

For invitationals played before 2020, visit the following pages:


MobaBowl 2020

The MobaBowl is a yearly /vg/ League team focused invitational that invites Mobage focused generals to participate in a 16(maybe more) team double elimination tournament to find out who is the King of Mobage.

/hoc/ League 2019

The 2019 /hoc/ League is the second season-formatted version of /hoc/. Of course, it has nothing to do with the actual general on /sp/ really. It's just hockey. Hockey memes and goofs. /hoc/ is more fun to say though. Click here for more information on the format of /hoc/ League. It will be hosted and streamed by HarryEnfield On Twitch.

Winter Solstice

The sequel to the 8 Years of Rigging will kick off 2020 divegrass with a throwback to 2012, Winter 12 to be more exact, used the same format and teams.

Garbage Day: First Spoon of the Decade Edition

Garbage Day: First Spoon of the Decade Edition was another installment of Garbage Day Festivities following the 2020 4chan Winter Cup group stage, streamed by Old Man Sou !!VxWspnN285O a week after the conclusion of the 2020 4chan Winter Cup. Contestants were the eight worst teams that have been relegated from the groups of the 2020 4chan Winter Cup and the eight worst teams of the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup.

VGL Luigi Circuit 2

VGL Luigi Circuit 2 was the second edition highly prestigous /vg/ League eight team double elimination cup focused on giving invited teams a chance to compete on a stage more appropriate for their abilities. Or more importantly have some fun in a pressure-less environment and hopefully even win some matches.

Moeshit Cup 3

The was the third edition of cute girls doing cute divegrass. It took place from the 15th of February, 2020.

Test Cup V 19.1

Since people wanted to see how patch 1.02 of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 plays out against 1.06 which was used in the previous edition, this rushed edition of the Test Cup series was created.


The return of the beloved Friendly Local Game Store Cup took place after the 2020_4chan_Winter_Cup, from February 29 – March 1, and featured a 7 team roster, the core four and three special invites. For Cup was hosted by previous winner, Toy icon.png /toy/.

Mogra Void Cup

This invitational was held due to Corona-chan preventing several weebs from getting drunk while watching a livestream from an Akiba night club. It was streamed by Potatotron on the main cup channel on April 4.

/co/b Owl 6

Sixth iteration of the little inter-/co/ tournament, it was hosted by DrBorisG !!uWmnP2zIyZF on April 5. Wakfu icon.png /wakfu/ was the winner after penalties.

Garbage Day: Spring 2020 Super Spoon Playoff

The Garbage Day: Spring 2020 Super Spoon Playoff was another installment of Garbage Day Festivities following the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup group stage, streamed by Old Man Sou !!VxWspnN285O on May 8th, the day before the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup knockout stage. Contestants were the teams that had failed to advance from the groups of the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup and the teams that were aborted in the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers.

/sp/erb Owl 2020

It was hosted on May 22–24, 29–31.

/vg/ League 14

/vg/ League 14 was the fourteenth iteration of the /vg/ general themed PES competition and the fourth competition on PES 2016. Similar to the previous Leagues, any team verified for participation was able to compete. Hosted by /lzg/ on the weekends of June 5–7, 12–14, 19–21, 26–28. The victor was Ssbg icon.png /ssbg/.

/pol/eague 5

The /pol/eague/ 5 was the fifth edition of the /pol/eague series, a Pol icon.png /pol/ themed invitational, where any generals on /pol/ was allowed to compete. It took place during the weekends of June 6–7, 13–14.

2020 4CC Champions League

The 2020 4chan Cup Champions League was the 3rd installment installment of the 4chan Cup Champions League series, an annual effort to determine the one true (unofficial) champion among champions. Teams qualified for this tournament by virtue of finishing in the top 3 of Elite Cups, top 2 of Babby Cups or /vg/ Leagues, or by winning select memevitationals and advancing out of the qualifying stages.

/vr/ League 2

Second installment of /vr/ League that took place from June 16–18 to July 7–9.

Mogra Void Cup 2

It was streamed by Potatotron on the Cytube channel for the weekend of June 20–21. This event had been approved by somebody the second time, because there was STILL no weeb nightclub to invade the Cytube with, so why the decision was made to squeeze some more divegrass in between all the other shit going on as well.

Garbage Day: Summer Spoon Sizzle

Garbage Day: Summer Spoon Sizzle was another installment of Garbage Day Festivities following the 2020 4chan Summer Cup group stage. It was streamed by Old Man Sou !!VxWspnN285O on July 31st, the day before the 2020 4chan Summer Cup knockout stage. Contestants were the sixteen teams that had been relegated from the groups of the 2020 4chan Summer Cup and the sixteen worst teams of the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup.

Friendship Association Games 6

The Friendship Association Games 6 was the sixth iteration of unofficial Mlp icon.png /mlp/ tournament. The tournament was played on the weekend of August 15-16 & 22-23, alongside the /mlp/ roster poll for 2020 4chan Autumn Babby Cup.

/ag/ League 5

The 5th iteration of the cute and funny /ag/ League/ took place on the weekends of August 14–16, 21–23, 28–30.

/tv/ League II

THE >SEQUEL! Teams representing /tv/ generals, as well as popular films, shows, and sitcoms did compete to become the second /tv/ League champion. 16 teams duked it out, with /RBMK/ taking the ultimate prize - a place on the team for a year!

Test Cup V 19.2

Another test cup. It took place on the weekends of September 1–4, 9–10

Tag Team Cup 5

Tag Team Cup 5 is the fifth Tag Team Cup event after a two year hiatus, following Tag Team Cup 4. Dates are November 20–22, 27–29 (Tentative)

Divegrass Before Christmas 2

The second in a series of holiday-themed invitationals open to all teams.


Gusic League

Gusic League is the first iteration of a purely music based team invitational tournament, and successor to the failed /mu/ League. Streamed by WayJay and HarryEnfield on Cytube.
Dates are February 18th-21st, 25th-28th, and March 4th-7th.

Friendship Association Games 7

The Friendship Association Games 7 is the seventh iteration of this unofficial Mlp icon.png /mlp/ tournament. The tournament was played on the weekends of April 3–4 & 10–11, alongside the /mlp/ roster poll for the 2021 4chan World Cup. Streamed by Titan on Cytube

Multinational Bowl 5

Multinational Bowl 5 was the 5th edition of the Multinational Bowl series (4CC's equivalent of the World Cup), scheduled to take place after the 2021 4chan Winter Cup. Dates for this tournament were March 12–14, 19–21.

/vt/ League

/vt/ League was the inaugural exhibition league for /vt/-related teams. Streamed on vtleague's own Cytube on September 25-26 and the main 4CC Cytube on October 2-3, 2021.

Upcoming Invitationals

/sp/erb Owl 2020*

Dates to be determined. Hosted by /SuperGT/

On Hiatus / Need To Be Updated

4CC Cricket 2019 Sizable Slog

8 teams will dust off their bats and pads to compete with no one watching for a prize that doesn't exist. To be held who knows when, maybe this Summer.

Lark's Madness III

Third edition of the Lark's Madness series would return after a 2-year-long hiatus, with all 64 4chan Cup teams - past to present, and including /bant/ and /aco/ - competing in a single elimination tournament until one team stood alone at the end. Planned to take place sometime after Spring or Summer 2018.

Uncompleted Invitationals


/mu/ League

Not happening. The /mu/ League focuses on Mu icon.png /mu/ or generally music themed fake teams. The goal is to obviously have some >fun and to listen to some nice and hopefully a great variety of music.

2013 Popularity Cup

Hosted by Nor/mlp/erson !!NOg6D3P25U. The entrants were chosen by popular vote but as an added twist, managers were also being put up for popular vote. The most voted team was managed by the most voted manager and so on until 16 teams were paired with 16 managers. Originally scheduled to take place on March 2nd and March 3rd but was moved to March 23rd where it was deemed not popular enough and will never happen because a number of managers in it were revealed to be Dragonfag.

Halloween Bowl II

A second edition of the Halloween Bowl hosted by Doo_Gay that would feature teams with a spooky roster, aesthetics, and goalhorn. Was originally set for Halloween 2014 but was cancelled when the 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup was announced to play on that date.

/z/ Memorial All-Star Bowl

Even /z/'s memorial died.

Actual Fake Teamb Owl 3

Tony is a cuck.

4CC FA Cup

A tournament that was to be held by Old Man Sou. The draw took place on Challonge, seen here, but the tournament ended up cancelled. Later replaced by Lark's Madness.

Weeabowl III

The third edition of the Weeabowl series hosted by >Granec that was to feature teams based on Japanese Culture to take place over the holiday season. Never occurred but was announced so SDA could not host it, leading to the Kurisumasu Cup.

/m/ Cup

Proposed unofficial cup featuring teams representing various facets of M icon.png /m/ that was to be held in celebration of that team's advancement to the 2015 4chan Summer Cup. Abandoned before any team sign-ups could be taken.

World Wars II Cup

Second edition of the World Wars series, following the 2013 World Wars Cup that was scheduled to take place before the 2015 Autumn Babby Cup. Abandoned before the draw could take place for this event.

2015 4CC Champions League

The top 16 4CC teams from the previous year (actually the top four teams each from four constructed divisions) compete in a tournament spread over approximately 9 months, similar to the real-life UEFA Champions League. The tournament was cancelled just before the third group stage matchday due to several teams being relegated to the 2016 Spring Babbies, and one 4CCCL team that failed to qualify for Winter 2016 becoming managerless.

Creative Bowl

A tournament with all 11 (at the time) boards in 4chan's Creative category that have 4CC teams and /w/ (in place of /p/, which had not formed a team then) that was scheduled for after the 2016 4chan Winter Cup. Cancelled before a game was played, likely due to some of the teams being dead, and thus not having any non-placeholder exports available for PES 2016.

Fake Teamb Owl 3 4

Fourth edition of the rigged fake team cup shindig thingee. Unlike the third edition, it will actually happen should have happened a while back, but not much has been said regarding this cup yet. Organized by John Madden and will be played in Tecmo Super Bowl.

/int/ertoto Cup

/int/-general themed PES competition, similar to the /vg/ League. Planned to take place March or April 2017, but was later cancelled due to lack of interest within /int/ generals, despite the board as a whole showing interest in the event.

Actual /ag/ League

>called itself a league
>it was actually a planned straight knockout tournament that never quite took off like more proper /ag/L tournaments

Console War

The single elimination tournament with 16 autopiloted teams based off of video game consoles, similar to the very early competitions held by GermanBro back in 2011. The tournament was to be held on DrDtroit's Hitbox channel and take place sometime before the 2017 Autumn Babby Cup before being quietly abandoned in a rarely-used closet to gather dust along with the rest of the outdated consoles.

The Great War

The Great War is a joint-operation wargame display to keep the troops of the 4CC's armies frosty for their respective campaigns. Eight invitations were sent via telegram, carrier gryphon, and Morse Code-literate Serbian smoke signals. To be streamed by Andy.