Banned Bowl '21

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Banned Bowl '21
Tournament details
Host board Trash2 icon.png /trash/
Dates November 20
Teams 4
Final positions
Champion J icon.png /j/
Runner-up Vip icon.png /vip/
Third Trash2 icon.png /trash/
Fourth Qa icon.png /qa/
Tournament statistics
Matches 8
Goals scored 33 (4.13 per match)
Top scorer(s) Qa icon.png Ausfreak
6 goals
Vip icon.png Register a GOLD Account
Top assister(s) 5 assists
Vip icon.png [This player requires a 4chan Pass to view]
Golden Glove 13 saves
Qa icon.png Rangebans
Vip icon.png HOW?
Best player 3 MOTMs
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Yellow cards 3 (0.38 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

Banned Bowl '21
Banned Bowl '22

For one day in November, the lads will play.


please note: the rules are fake, and can be changed at any time

The Bowl will be played on PES 21, same patch and >tactics rules as the 2021 4chan Autumn Babby Cup. Livemanaging is allowed, but not required. POI is for faggots.

Team Requirements

To sign up, contact Whiskey or join the newly made Banned Bowl dicksword server.

As of now, boards must fall into one of two categories to be eligible for participation. A board must either

  • Be unable to play in >real Cups for any reason (being unlisted, no longer existing, etc.) or
  • Have never played in an official 4chan Cup event before. Friendlies don't count.

No longer accepting applicants, apologies to the many, many /qb/ fans

Matchday Schedule

  • First, each team will play the others in a round robin, group stage style. Three points for a win, one point for a draw, and fuck all for a loss.
  • After each team has played three games, the third and fourth seeds play a game for bronze, and the top two compete in a final showdown to determine the Banned Bowl Champion.

We're currently seeking streamers and/or commentators. We have a streamer lined up, but a backup/replacement might become necessary as the tournament grows. Inquire within the above dicksword.


Group Stage

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Vip icon.png /vip/ 3 3 0 0 7 3 4 9
J icon.png /j/ 3 2 0 1 4 4 0 6
Qa icon.png /qa/ 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 3
Trash2 icon.png /trash/ 3 0 0 3 5 8 -3 0

20 November 2021 /trash/ Trash2 icon.png 2–3 Vip icon.png /vip/

Shortstacks Goal 51'
She Looks Like She Fucks Human Men Goal 62'
Shortstacks Booked 72'
Horse Pussy Booked 90+2'
Goal 25'34' Register a GOLD Account
Adobe Arena
Attendance: 125

20 November 2021 /qa/ Qa icon.png 1–2 J icon.png /j/

Please Consider Buy 4chan Pass Goal 40' Goal 44' Meet Your Mods
Goal 99' Janny's Paystub
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 152

20 November 2021 /trash/ Trash2 icon.png 2–3 Qa icon.png /qa/

She Looks Like She Fucks Human Men Goal 29'
This Thread Was Moved To >>>/trash/ Goal 53'
Goal 79' Please Consider Buy 4chan Pass
Goal 84'89' Ausfreak
Crypto Space
Attendance: 158

20 November 2021 /vip/ Vip icon.png 2–0 J icon.png /j/

Register a GOLD Account Goal 12'56' The Colosseum
Attendance: 154

20 November 2021 /j/ J icon.png 2–1 Trash2 icon.png /trash/

Makes 5 Useless Boards, Leaves Goal 22'
CLEAN IT UP 4CCC Goal 90+3'
Goal 48' She Looks Like She Fucks Human Men
Booked 90+2' Not /fur/
The Mountaintops
Attendance: 157

20 November 2021 /qa/ Qa icon.png 1–2 Vip icon.png /vip/

REMOVE TRANIME Goal 63' Goal 49'71' Register a GOLD Account Adobe Arena
Attendance: 152

Knockout Stage

Third Place Match

20 November 2021 /qa/ Qa icon.png 7–3 Trash2 icon.png /trash/
Note: Garbage Day Rules were turned on at 89'
Ausfreak Goal 21'65'67'86'
Please Consider Buy 4chan Pass Goal 31'
/qa/-tan Goal 50'
Lee Goldson Goal 90+4'
Goal 74' She Looks Like She Fucks Human Men
Goal 77'80' This Thread Was Moved To >>>/trash/
Racist Barn
Attendance: 147


20 November 2021 /vip/ Vip icon.png 0–2 J icon.png /j/

Goal 89' Meet your mods
Final PEStination
Attendance: 136


Shit I'm certain I broke, but Streamer please try it anyways

EDIT file:

DPFile List:


Tictacs just in case they didn't go properly into the edit file










And also the balls

/j/ hotpocket ball

/trash/ possum ball

/vip/ louis vuitton ball


Final Rankings

  1. J icon.png /j/

  1. /vip/ Vip icon.png

  1. Trash2 icon.png /trash/

  1. Qa icon.png /qa/