April 1st Test Stream

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VOD on youtube

Send me some fucking garbage so we can get some data on the patch: the friendlies

Using the latest righetti and also Project Telerig for maximum memes (you will be able to change preset, mentalities and AT on IRC)

Anything legal is accepted, if you just schedule your team they will play on a special demindgamed Winter\Autumn\WC EDIT

Friday April 1st cuptime for at least a couple of matches (but feel free to schedule more), we'll see about Saturday if the feedback is good, pending my schedule

Link exports below or @ me on discord:

April 1st

1 April 2022 /a/ A icon.png 2–1 Toy icon.png /toy/

Cowboy Bebop Goal 6'18' Goal 75' Woody Konami Stadium
Attendance: 104

1 April 2022 /po/ Po icon.png 2–1 Aoba icon.png /aoba/

Moneygami Goal 24'36' Goal 45+3' Aoba Suzukaze 100 Acre Wood
Attendance: 107

1 April 2022 /mrpg/ Mrpg icon.png 1–2 S4s icon.png /s4s/

Kos-Mos Goal 20'
Chroma Squad Booked 79'
Goal 26' Patrick Bateman
Goal 90+3' Nice Grill
Orbital Ring Stadium
Attendance: 104

1 April 2022 /t/ T icon.png 3–0 An icon.png /an/
Note: run /t/ on +1 :^)
Welcome to my Klub Goal 11'
TPB Goal 22'
>uTorrent Goal 32'
Attendance: 104

1 April 2022 /gura/ Gura icon.png 3–2 Gifu icon.png /gifu/

Gura Goal 26'58'
Smol Gura Goal 45+3'
Goal 54' Sauce
Goal 83' Ricardo Milos
Animation Alley
Attendance: 105

A icon.png /a/

Aoba icon.png /aoba/

Gifu icon.png /gifu/