ISS 64chan

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ISS 64chan
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Tournament details
Host board TBD icon.png TBD
Dates February 14, 2013
Teams 2
Final positions
Champion Vg icon.png /vg/
Runner-up V icon.png /v/
Third TBD icon.png TBD
Fourth TBD icon.png TBD
Tournament statistics
Matches 3
Goals scored 37 (12.33 per match)
Top scorer(s) Vg icon.png Deswow (12)
Top assister(s)
Golden Glove
Best player
Yellow cards 0 (0 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

2012 Winter Haxball
ISS 64chan
SNES ISS 4chan Cup

A friendly competition between V icon.png /v/ and /vg/ hosted by Doogie_ !!x+r9Qm5rK7O. The inaugural ISS 64chan Cup was held on February 14th as a best of 3 series, featuring V icon.png /v/ and Vg icon.png /vg/. Vg icon.png /vg/ won the series 2 to 1 in a stunning 12-6 victory in the deciding third game.


V icon.png /v/ as Brazil
Vg icon.png /vg/ as Argentina


Note each half lasts 7 minutes and one half in extra time approximately 2:20.

Match 1

February 14, 2013 /v/ V icon.png 3 – 2 Vg icon.png /vg/

Gaben Goal 0:12'7:40'14:00+' Goal 2:53'7:27' Deswow Asian Stadium

Match 2

February 14, 2013 /v/ V icon.png 6 – 8 (a.e.t.) Vg icon.png /vg/

Gaben Goal 0:13'9:06'14:00+'
JpnTime Goal 2:55'14:00+'16:02'
Goal 4:31'7:00+'9:20'14:30'15:49'17:45' N.Thread
Goal 5:45'13:03' Deswow
S.A. Main Stadium

Match 3

February 14, 2013 /v/ V icon.png 6 – 12 Vg icon.png /vg/

Gaben Goal 0:11'7:25'9:13'9:56'10:23'
Mr.Bones Goal 14:00+'
Goal 0:49'2:50'7:12'9:26'10:08'12:26'13:49'14:00+' Deswow
Goal 5:08'6:47'7:00+' N.Thread
Goal 8:02' Emi
African Stadium