Fake Teamb Owl

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Fake Teamb Owl
Fake teamb owl.png
Tournament details
Host board 4ccg icon.png /4ccg/
Dates 23 March 2014
Teams 8
Final positions
Champion Evoweb icon.png /evoweb/
Runner-up Sinaweibo icon.png /sinaweibo/
Third Admin icon.png /admin/
Fourth Vaughan fhg no border icon.png /fhg/
Tournament statistics
Matches 12
Goals scored 73 (6.08 per match)
Top scorer(s) Sinaweibo icon.png Powerhouse Madbomber
Admin icon.png Born Offside
Top assister(s) Admin icon.png Rap Rat
Golden Glove Vaughan fhg no border icon.png >Black QBs
Best player N/A
Yellow cards 3 (0.25 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

2013 Popularity Cup
Fake Teamb Owl
The Fake Team Superb Owl

The Fake Teamb Owl is a rigged circlejerk/cancer cup featuring several fake teams mostly based around cup-related stuff. This cup was created so /sinaweibo/ and /evoweb/ would have a reason to play for real. Later 6 other teams joined the cup competing for the third place throphy. The probable host/organizer/streamer of the cup is Gracen Adolphus II !SyespadaHQ.


/evoweb/: User:Test_Pony//evoweb/
/sinaweibo/: User:GracenIvorinne
/ag/: User:San_Marino//ag/
/admin/: User:Sexcopter//admin/
/messi/: User:SuppaTenko//messi/
/wooo/: User:Groudon
/fhg/: User:Vaughan

Better luck next time, lads
/mlpg/: User:TestAnon
/doogie/ (pls): User:Double_Nigger
/toonami/: User:DrDtroit
/dumb/b//‎: User:Jimmer/dumb/b//


  • Played in PES 2014
  • Seeding will be shown before the games start
  • 8-team knockout tournament in Exhibition
  • First round is double-legged, should teams be tied after the second game, something will happen (TBD)
  • Second and final rounds are single-legged
  • Standard cup rules
  • Rigging yourself is allowed, but only in negative ways, such as giving a player reduced stats
  • Standard height rules
  • Live-managing is done over Skype
  • Live-managing is limited to: Lining up, switching presets and subs (otherwise off by default)
  • Random conditions
  • Max motivation
  • Cards do not carry over to the next game, murderball is allowed/encouraged
  • Gracen reserves the right to disqualify/rig any team he deems uses too serious tactics
  • Add your export and aesthetics in the table below
  • Deadline is 22nd of March 2014 or something
  • Granec can overrule these rules
  • Granec is all-powerful and can do whatever he wishes with this tournament. Granec is love. Granec is life.


  Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
   Sinaweibo icon.png /sinaweibo/ 13  
 Messi icon.png /messi/ 2  
   Sinaweibo icon.png /sinaweibo/ 4  
   Vaughan fhg no border icon.png /fhg/ 1  
 Vaughan fhg no border icon.png /fhg/ 6
   Wooo icon.png /wooo/ 5  
     Sinaweibo icon.png /sinaweibo/ 4
   Evoweb icon.png /evoweb/ 6
   Admin icon.png /admin/ 4  
 Ag icon.png /ag/ 3  
   Admin icon.png /admin/ 7 Third place
   Evoweb icon.png /evoweb/ 2  
 Evoweb icon.png /evoweb/ 7  Vaughan fhg no border icon.png /fhg/ 0
   Twittersp icon.png /twittersp/ 4    Admin icon.png /admin/ 5


Quarter Finals

24 March 2014 /sinaweibo/ Sinaweibo icon.png 8–2 Messi icon.png /messi/

Spring Devil Goal 7'30'
Powerhouse Madbomber Goal 24'32'45+'
Moon Scimitar Goal 51'
Mule Man Goal 59'
Anti-Physics Demon Goal 86'
Goal 35' Throughball Messi
Goal 75' Cheeky Cunt Messi

24 March 2014 /fhg/ Vaughan fhg no border icon.png 3–3 Wooo icon.png /wooo/

The Draft Goal 9'
DAT BIRD Goal 22'
'o' Goal 38'
Goal 11' King Randy
Goal 31' Ortvatistadon
Goal 45+' Haitchcombo2

24 March 2014 /admin/ Admin icon.png 3–0 Ag icon.png /ag/

Born Offside Goal 7'13'
#westcoastthing Goal 32'

24 March 2014 /evoweb/ Evoweb icon.png 3–3 Twittersp icon.png /twittersp/

Fidel Castro Goal 1'
SXSXSX Goal 37'
Sorry My Bad English Goal 69'
Goal 33' Nice Boobs
Goal 54'76' twitter/sp/ GOAT

24 March 2014 /messi/ Messi icon.png 0–5 Sinaweibo icon.png /sinaweibo/

Goal 38'56'86' Powerhouse Madbomber
Goal 78' Moon Scimitar
Goal 90+' Misfiring Neymar

24 March 2014 /wooo/ Wooo icon.png 2–3 Vaughan fhg no border icon.png /fhg/

Haitchcombo1 Goal 74'
King Randy Goal 90+' (pen.)
Goal 15' 'o'
Goal 34' The Draft
Goal 72' Davone "DA" Bess

24 March 2014 /ag/ Ag icon.png 3–1 Admin icon.png /admin/

(^: Goal 13'
Pls No Bully Goal 44'
/vng/ Goal 84'
Goal 12' Bones III
24 March 2014 /twittersp/ Twittersp icon.png 1–4 Evoweb icon.png /evoweb/

Zoe Pls Respond Goal 79' Goal 44' Master Jenkey
Goal 46' Sorry My Bad English
Goal 68' Talentet Personne


24 March 2014 /sinaweibo/ Sinaweibo icon.png 4–1 Vaughan fhg no border icon.png /fhg/

C-Luo Goal 9'40'42'
Misfiring Neymar Goal 48'
Goal 82' 'o'
24 March 2014 /admin/ Admin icon.png 7–2 Evoweb icon.png /evoweb/

Westfordleathchestershire Goal 2'
Web Disturber Goal 6'42'62'
Born Offside Goal 18'67'90+'
Goal 15' Is Jenkey Dead?
Goal 33' :bop:


24 March 2014 /sinaweibo/ Sinaweibo icon.png 4–6 Evoweb icon.png /evoweb/

C-Luo Goal 10'22'36'
Powerhouse Madbomber Goal 28'
Goal 13'64'72' >making guides
Goal 26' Master Jenkey
Goal 30' Yair
Goal 68' Sorry My Bad English

True Final

24 March 2014 /fhg/ Vaughan fhg no border icon.png 0–5 Admin icon.png /admin/

Goal 10'79' Born Offside
Goal 30'37'66' Web Disturber


Exports and such

Team Overwrites Save Export Aesthetic Export
/evoweb/ NAC Breda - Eredivisie - -
/sinaweibo/ Ajax - Eredivisie [1] [2]
/ag/ Vitesse - Eredivisie [3] <-
/TwitterSP/ RKC Waalwijk - Eredivisie [4] <-
/admin/ SC Heerenveen - Eredivisie [5] <-
/messi/ FC Barcelona - La Liga /messi/ export /messi/ Aesthetics
/wooo/ PEC Zwolle - Eredivisie /wooo/ export /wooo/ kits
/fhg/ Go Ahead Eagles - Eredivisie /fhg/ export /fhg/ aesthetics

General saves: