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Rigging After Dark is a series of hastily assembled exhibition matches where in which teams of the 4CC (minus /mlp/), /vg/ League, and fake teams come to compete against each other once the moon and tensions are high. Matches will take place from June 13th to June 30th. Cards and schedule are subject to change but any and all changes to the schedule will be announced and the matches from that day will take place on the upcoming Saturday/Sunday to allow for the appropriate amount of time to accommodate these matches. Matches will take place 4-6 PM (16:00-18:00) PST (23:00-01:00 UTC).


Live managing is encouraged however limited. Each team will be allowed two time outs, half time changes and subs. Concession timeouts are not unlimited as they also count towards the two timeout limit. Preset changes will not cost a timeout. If /your team/ isn't /mlp/ or related to it then your squad is practically allowed as long as it passes through the Auto-ATF. Five matches per stream with standard cup settings unless a different setting or stipulation is agreed upon by the managers and can be stated in the corresponding match slot. Please ensure you have an opponent prior to booking a match. Also be considerate to the other teams and don't book more than 3 matches for one team. This is supposed to give teams that probably wont be playing until autumn maybe even longer a chance to play.


A stipulation could be for example a Loser Leaves Town match where in which the losing manager must retire and will never manage again. This is just an an example. A stipulation could be anything ranging from all manlet teams, GSBB, All Players above 205cm, whatever you can come up with.


June 13th

Day 1 Video

13 June 2016 /pol/ Pol icon.png 3–2 Fa icon.png /fa/

Donald Trump Goal 7'
Stormfront Goal 77'89'
Goal 8'50' Tricky Rick

13 June 2016 /3/ 3 icon.png 1–3 Hm icon.png /hm/
Note: All-orange conditions. No subs. Benuldies (no extra time) on
Maya Goal 89' Goal 5'30'38' Disturbia

13 June 2016 /u/ U icon.png 3–2 Y icon.png /y/
Note: Viewers Choice match. All Purple Conditions
Homucifer Goal 3'9'
Purest Form of Love Goal 65'
Goal 28' Dio Brando
Goal 59' Cute Hot Traps

13 June 2016 /o/ O icon.png 3–1 Tv icon.png /tv/

Clean Diesel Goal 43'
Takumi Goal 50'55'
Goal 77' For You

13 June 2016 /f/ F icon.png 3–3 Mu icon.png /mu/

DA HOOD Goal 18'51'90+0' Goal 82' Jeff Mangum
Goal 90+2' David Bowie
Goal 90+7' MC Ride

DA HOOD Scored
Lolicatgirls Scored
Daily Dose Scored
Heap of Trouble Scored
Zone Scored
Mongolian Throatsinging Missed
White Loli Missed
5–6 Scored Jeff Mangum
Scored MC Ride
Scored David Bowie
Scored Michael Gira
Scored emo is moe
Missed Kanye West
Scored 8.4 Best New Midfielder

June 14th

Day 2 Video

14 June 2016 /tf2g/ Tf2g icon.png 4–3 Bdog icon.png /bdog/
Note: dogs > cat bowl
:X Goal 16'
MGE Me Goal 28'
pottis Goal 53'
mfw i kill Goal 59'
Goal 34' start over
Goal 44'64' TEETH!

14 June 2016 /ar/ Ar icon.png 0–3 Vr icon.png /vr/
Note: *Extra time and benuldies on RIGGED MATCH ITS ALL RUINED
Goal 24'30' Kacho Arino
Goal 43' Doomguy

14 June 2016 /toy/ Toy icon.png 2–3 Vp icon.png /vp/
Note: Viewers Choice. All Purple Conditions. No Subs. Beginner Difficulty
Woody Goal 34'90+3' Goal 55' Bravest Bird
Goal 68' No Moves
Goal 80' Tentaquil

14 June 2016 /b/ B icon.png 3–1 Po icon.png /po/

Triforce Goal 35'82'
Giga Puddi Goal 60'
Goal 27' X-Acto

14 June 2016 /ddg/ Ddg icon.png 4–3 C icon.png /c/
Note: Rigging at maximum
Rook Goal 5'81'
Grigori Goal 8'63'
Goal 18'77' Yui
Goal 45+3' Minase Iori

June 15th

Day 3 Video

15 June 2016 /llsifg/ Llsifg icon.png 2–2 Xcg icon.png /xcg/
Note: Viewers Choice. Beginner Difficulty. All Red Conditions. Max Subs. Flexible Auto Subs. Keepers take all Set Pieces. SS players mark each other.
PKE Goal 7'
Honk Honk Goal 20'
Goal 5'14' Snaketits

15 June 2016 /x/ X icon.png 2–2 Sci icon.png /sci/

The Grey Goal 38'70' Goal 60' Richard Feynman
Goal 77' Shinichi Mochizuki

15 June 2016 /trv/ Trv icon.png 4–3 S icon.png /s/
Note: Couchsurfer Rapist of /trv/ sets new unofficial record for fastest goal at 1:05
Couchsurfer Rapist Goal 1'
Superpornowat Farangbang Goal 22'
Sex Tourist Goal 36'55'
Goal 74' You Love You Lose
Goal 84' Thunder Thighs
Goal 89' In the Crack

15 June 2016 /vp/ Vp icon.png 2–2 Vg icon.png /vg/
Note: Set all conditions to red and penalties to ON.
Miror. B Goal 18'33' Goal 43' Jeb
Goal 58' Manly Picnic

Bravest Bird Scored
Fug Scored
Miror B. Missed
Tentaquil Missed
Agumon Scored
3–2 Scored Doctor Jewgle
Missed Git Gud
Missed Manly Picnic
Scored JEB
Missed Artorias the Abysswalker

15 June 2016 /c/ C icon.png 3–4 Gd icon.png /gd/

Yui Goal 16'56'72' Goal 8' Glitch Art
Goal 13' Helvetica
Goal 19'50' Kerning

June 16th

Day 4 download

16 June 2016 /fgog/ Fgog icon.png 4–1 Domg icon.png /domg/
Note: ''Memematch: Goalhorn screamfest. *Meme formations for plenty of goals. *Goalhorn set to default for every one of /fgog/'s players, except STELLAAAAA. *Benuldies on
Smug Redman Goal 2'45+2'87'
REGEND Goal 75'
Goal 42' erf snek

16 June 2016 /u/ U icon.png 1–1 Toon icon.png /toon/

Homucifer Goal 64' Goal 14' Bugs Bunny
Homucifer Scored
Purest Form of Love Missed
Teru Time Scored
Akkarin Scored
Fingering For World Peace Scored
Black Sunshine Missed
4–5 Scored Bugs Bunny
Missed Air Jordan
Scored Sportsmaster
Scored The Flash
Scored Dick Dastardly
Scored Cenamazing

16 June 2016 /s4s/ S4s icon.png 3–6 Mu icon.png /mu/

[s4s]-tan Goal 9'64'
Nice Grill Goal 32'
Goal 3'6'75' MC Ride
Goal 44'81' David Bowie
Goal 70' Jeff Mangum

16 June 2016 /ksg/ Ksg icon.png 5–0 Ffg icon.png /ffg/
Note: VGL5 Final rematch: *Extra time on. *Benuldies on.
Manly Picnic Goal 7'
Crapawa Shitjo Goal 10'20'
Master of Romance Goal 45+2'
Is not a Game Goal 74'

16 June 2016 /d/ D icon.png 0–2 Aco icon.png /aco/
Note: Extra Time & Benuldies on, we MUST have a winner!
Goal 10' Creepy Suzy
Goal 40' Aya

June 17th

Day 5 Video

17 June 2016 /tg/ Tg icon.png 3–1 Dfg icon.png /dfg/

Creed Goal 14'83'
Doomrider Goal 69'
Crazy Hassan Booked 20'
Goal 21' 2cat

17 June 2016 /hsg/ Hsg icon.png 2–1 Gsg icon.png /gsg/

Reno Jackson Goal 89'
Goal 71' Wilhelm II

17 June 2016 /nba/ Nba icon.png 1–4 Toon icon.png /toon/
Note: Must be played at the Slamnasium [which last I checked was the Winter variant of the /co/ stadiums] and with the basketball
Swept in 5 Goal 30' Goal 38'69' Air Jordan
Goal 45+6' Bugs Bunny
Goal 89' The Flash

17 June 2016 /f/ F icon.png 2–3 Wsg icon.png /wsg/
Note: ''Blazin' Tens Yolobowl III *Flip a coin to decide home team. *Extra time and PKs on. *Support Range, Defensive Line and Compactness will be set to 10 and kept at 10.
Daily Dose Goal 48'
Lolicatgirls Goal 90+0'
Goal 44' Duane
Goal 61' Gabe the Dog
Goal 65' Shinobu Oshino

17 June 2016 /aus/ Aus icon.png 3–3 Hanny icon.png /hanny/
Note: ''Australian Showdown *Both managers have agreed to do their end of the bargain in the event that their team loses. *Extra time and benuldies, THERE MUST BE A WINNER.
Ciggy Butt Brain Goal 37'67'
Oh Boy Wowee Goal 77'
Goal 38' Rance
Goal 58' Kay-chan
Goal 64' Allykiller

Ciggy Butt Brai Missed
Tim Cahill Scored
Oh Boy Wowee Missed
Jarryd Hayne Scored
Ruben Zadkovich Scored
3–2 Missed Rance
Scored TOSH
Scored Kay-chan
Missed Ragnarokarc
Missed Weakest Man

June 18th

Day 6 Video

18 June 2016 /fit/ Fit icon.png 2–1 M icon.png /m/
Note: Stupor Cup match. Standard cup knockout round rules (random conditions, extra time and penalties both ON). Use Riggly Field. Show complete match stats after the match
Rich Piana Goal 67'
Scooby Goal 82'
Goal 60' Alteisen Riese

18 June 2016 /a/ A icon.png 6–4 Ar icon.png /ar/
Note: KO round rules
Megumin Goal 25'90'
One-Punch Man Goal 30'56'86'90+6'
Goal 17'78' Kenshiro
Goal 53' Lupin The Third
Goal 58' Oliver Hutton

18 June 2016 /kanker/ Kanker icon.png 6–2 Metallurgy icon.png /metallurgy/

Burning Love Goal 16'29'62'90+1'
Torpedo Lesbians Goal 82'
Kuso Teitoku Goal 86'
Scored 4' Fuck Tanaka
Goal 48' Uranium

18 June 2016 /n/ N icon.png 2–2 B icon.png /b/
Note: Purple conditions for both teams. Benuldies on only. Chat decides sliders for both teams (whatever goes on Preset 1 must also be replicated on Preset 2 for both teams). Auto Preset Change to ON. Use Riggly Field on Winter
Hipster Fixie Goal 20'
I Like Trains Goal 80'
Goal 71' Triforce
Goal 87' Queen of /b/

Airport General MK X Scored
Tram Scored
Fred Scored
Old Steel Ten Speed Scored
Bullet Trains Scored
5–3 Scored Fuckin Saved
Scored Cringe
Missed 60s Spiderman
Scored Queen of /b/

18 June 2016 /nxt/ File:Nxt icon.png 0–7 Japan icon.png /japan/
Note: 95/90/80 for player stats
The Veg Slayer Booked 90+4' Goal 43'60' Cima
Goal 45+1'55'90+0' RAINMAKAAAAAA
Goal 72'79' Bob Sapp

June 19th

Day 7 download

19 June 2016 /cleveland/ Cleveland icon.png 2–8 DET icon.png /DET/
Note: Benuldies and conditions for both teams set to all-purple to properly reflect the state of both cities
Factory of Sadness Goal 14'
Fun Times in Cleveland Goal 81'
Goal 4'10'47'67' Gordie Howe
Goal 45+1'63' Joe Louis
Goal 53' Steve Yzerman
Scored 79' December 27th, 1964

19 June 2016 /nba/ Nba icon.png 4–4 Epl icon.png /epl/

Swept in 5 Goal 7'30'
Hot Sauce Goal 26'
Career Ending Injury Goal 75'
Goal 18'22'62'90+4' Chat Shit
Booked 77' Blunderland

Swept in 5 Scored
Career Ending Injury Missed
Trust the Process Scored
Da Land Scored
Sir Charles Scored
4–3 Scored Chat Shit
Missed Plastic Fans
Scored St. Totteringham's Day
Missed Blunderland

19 June 2016 /y/ Y icon.png 2–4 Jojo icon.png /jojo/

Ramen Yaoi Goal 6'
Yaranaika Goal 73'
Goal 3' DUWANG

19 June 2016 /giivasunner/ Giivasunner icon.png 5–9 Umr icon.png /umr/

Grand Dad Goal 6'24'43'90+4'
Loud Nigra Goal 90+1'
Goal 31' WTFITT
Goal 38' Ebina
Goal 45' M'UMR
Goal 50'63' Kirie
Goal 74' Lazy Umaru
Goal 78'81'90+3' Soumaru

19 June 2016 /tg/ Tg icon.png 1–2 Co icon.png /co/

Doomrider Goal 62' Goal 18'90+4' /co/lette

June 20th

[8 Video]

20 June 2016 /n/ N icon.png 3–3 H icon.png /h/

Bepsi Goal 4'25'
Hipster Fixie Goal 48'
Goal 60' Faceless Fatguy
Goal 68'83' Asuka

Hipster Fixie Scored
I Like Trains Scored
Bepsi Scored
Blimp Train Scored
/o/ Here Fuck You Scored
5–4 Scored Asuka
Scored Faceless Fatguy
Scored Kneesocks
Scored Reika Kitami
Missed Cumming Buckets

20 June 2016 /jojo/ Jojo icon.png 3–2 Sbg icon.png /sbg/
Note: Fighting is all about speed and offense. Defense means nothing. Both teams will play 3-3-4 with defensive line 10 and defensive compactness 1.
Duwang Goal 41'
ROADA ROLLER DA Booked 90+1'
Goal 27' Hol "Butt King" Funtimes
Goal 75' Waifu Wars

20 June 2016 /ddg/ Ddg icon.png 1–2 Aog icon.png /aog/

Rook Goal 12' Goal 16' We Are Lawyer
Goal 52' That Card
Booked 10' Burger Grease
Booked 60' That Card

20 June 2016 /bdog/ Bdog icon.png 3–4 Umr icon.png /umr/
Avatarfags Goal 2'
Not a Sandbox Goal 64'
Teeth! Goal 88'
Goal 31'72' Ebina
Goal 55' UMR
Goal 89' Soumaru

20 June 2016 /hanny/ Hanny icon.png 3–2 L icon.png /l/

TOSH Goal 45+3'
Rance Goal 66'
Kay-chanGoal 87'
Goal 55'79' Party Van

June 21st

>Day 9

21 June 2016 /fhg/ Vaughan fhg no border icon.png 2–2 Nba icon.png /nba/

Dat Bird Goal 49'
>St Louis Goal 61'
Goal 19' Swept in 5
Goal 37' Career Ending Injury

Von Doom Scored
You Like That Scored
Dat Bird Scored
The Draft Scored
Fun Times in Cleveland Scored
5–3 Missed Swept in 5
Scored Career Ending Injury
Scored Trust the Process
Scored Da Land
Scored Chokelahoma City Blunder

21 June 2016 /jojo/ Jojo icon.png 2–5 5N@F icon.png /5N@F/
Note: STAND PROUD Derby - Both teams' goalhorns set to STAND PROUD only (Mike Schmidt's goalhorn). Benaldies and Extra Time.
Duwang Goal 75'
Goal 4'57' Mike Schmidt
Goal 24'48' All Business
Goal 90+4' Beamz the Bat

21 June 2016 /an/ An icon.png 3–6 Pingu icon.png /pingu/

Canadian Goose Goal 33'48'
Pingj Scored 65'
Goal 4'59'81' Robby the Seal
Goal 18'24'45+2' Pingu

21 June 2016 /giivasunner/ Giivasunner icon.png 3–2 Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/

Grand Dad Goal 36'
High Quality Video Game Rips Goal 51'
Tomato Scored 61'
Goal 4'33' Nico

21 June 2016 /hsg/ Hsg icon.png 2–5 Dng icon.png /dng/

WIIIIIIIIIIIIIINDS! Goal 41'62' Goal 2'13'38' Blaster ;(
Goal 66' Za Raitoningu
Goal 90+4' Delete.dek

June 22nd

Refer to day 12 for the VOD to see these matches.

22 June 2016 /fhg/ Vaughan fhg no border icon.png 7–1 DET icon.png /DET/
Note: /DET/ is to play under the conditions of the /DET/ vs /cle/ match (All Purple, Benuldies) to continue accurately representing the state of the city.
They Can't Keep Getting Away with This Goal 15'
You Like That Goal 20'39'88'
Fun Times in Cleveland Goal 51'
Dat Bird Goal 60'79'
>Bungles Booked 86'
Goal 90+1' Gordie Howe

22 June 2016 /azu/ Azu icon.png 3–2 Keion icon.png /keion/
Note: Disregard the Moeshit Cup, this is the real decider for the title of most influential moeshit anime in history. Extra time and benuldies on, we must have a winner. All conditions set to red; the stakes are high. Playing on Kawaii park stadium
Removable Pigtails Goal 5'34'
Based Nyamo-sensei Goal 13'
Goal 17' Ritsu
Goal 64' No Rice No Life

22 June 2016 /aog/ Aog icon.png 3–4 Tf2g icon.png /tf2g/

>Greg Goal 16'51'
That Card Goal 75'
Goal 19' mfw I kill
Goal 22'34'45+0' pottis

22 June 2016 /dp/ Dp icon.png 0–4 /+@/
Note: /mu/ manager bowl, very serious business. Red conditions for both teams (#PEAK performances only). Benuldies on (because there must be a winner). Played at The Mountaintops
Goal 12'78' Dimed Out
Goal 16' Titus Andronicus Forever
Goal 27' Escape from no Future

22 June 2016 /s4s/ S4s icon.png 2–0 F icon.png /f/

Topkek Goal 11'
Patrick Bateman Goal 63'

June 23rd

Day 11 Video

23 June 2016 /y/ Y icon.png 1–1 Uv icon.png /uv/

Titty Ninja Scored 56' Goal 16' Misclicking
Cute Traps Scored
Dio Brando Scored
Ramen Yaoi Scored
Yaranaika Scored
4–1 Scored Misclicking
Missed Top Nep
Missed Bayonetta

23 June 2016 /vitagen/ Vitagen icon.png 2–2 Ksg icon.png /ksg/
Note: Ded Console v Ded Game Bowl. Slurpfest incoming tbh.
Cute Anime Girls Goal 60'90+4'
Monobeasts Yellow cardYellow cardRed card 76', 90+5'
Goal 55' Manly Picnic
Goal 70' Master of Romance

Impregnate Scored
Cute Anime Girls Missed
High Impact Sexual Violence Scored
Waifu Wars Missed
Vita Means Life Missed
2–3 Missed Master of Romance
Scored crapawa shitjo
Scored >Comfort
Missed Deaf Bitch
Scored Lemon Flavor

23 June 2016 /h/ H icon.png 2–2 D icon.png /d/
Note: Grand Opening for the Sad Panda Communal Faphouse, a new multi-board stadium. (should be in now \o/)
Faceless Fatguy Goal 48'79' Goal 25' Futa/Alternative
Goal 37' Dmitrys

Faceless Fatguy Scored
Asuka Scored
Kneesocks Scored
Reika Kitami Scored
Incest Scored
5–3 Scored Futa/Alternative
Missed Dmitrys
Scored Faye Artemis
Scored /d/ Sized Cock

23 June 2016 /umr/ Umr icon.png 7–7 Tf2g icon.png /tf2g/

WTF is that thing? Goal 16'28'35'
Ebina Goal 19'45+1'54'
TSF Goal 83'
Goal 5'30'70' Pottis
Goal 40'75' mfw I kill
Goal 45+2' :X
Goal 90+2' Leech

Santa Umaru Scored
Sad Umaru Scored
Reindeer Umaru Missed
Cola Umaru Scored
Chipsu Umaru Missed
3–4 Scored Crutch
Missed 26 Dollar
Scored Pointing Sniper
Scored Drinks Plenty
Scored Gell

23 June 2016 /his/ His icon.png 3–1 Hanny icon.png /hanny/

>Holy>Roman>Empire Goal 5'
Napoleon Goal 38'90+3'
Goal 27' Rance

June 24th

Day 10+12 combo video

24 June 2016 /vg/ Vg icon.png 5–2 Vr icon.png /vr/
Note: Use /hanny/'s regular goalhorn (Rebirth the Edge) for /vg/'s first goal, then use Funky Dealer.
Git Gud Goal 40'69'
Doctor Jewgle Goal 45+3'90+5'
Manly Picnic Goal 76'
Goal 8' CRT
Scored 90+1' Sigmund

24 June 2016 /fgog/ Fgog icon.png 1–5 Aog icon.png /aog/
Note: Rematch for the /vg/ League match with the highest attendance ever.
Meduseless Goal 85' Goal 13'51'59'64' Asspulls
Goal 32' >Greg

24 June 2016 /lit/ Lit icon.png 4–1 C icon.png /c/
Note: 205cm Gold GKs. 11 Saves Memorial Bowl
Start With The Greeks Goal 3'6'62'
Lolita Wanted It Goal 31'
Goal 72' Konata

24 June 2016 /toon/ Toon icon.png 1–0 File:Rmu icon.png /rmu/

The Flash Goal 4'

24 June 2016 /metallurgy/ Metallurgy icon.png 2–4 Ddg icon.png /ddg/
Note: Metal work is masterwork
Promethium Goal 52'
Uranium Goal 78'
Carbon Booked 90+4'
Goal 7'59' Grigori
Goal 25'30' Rook

June 25th

Day 13 Video

25 June 2016 /fit/ Fit icon.png 1–1 S4s icon.png /s4s/
Note: All players will be 210 cm.
Zyzz Goal 67' Goal 34' Topkek
L O N D O N Missed
Zyzz Missed
Scooby Scored
Rich Piana Missed
1–3 Scored Patrick Bateman
Missed Topkek
Scored Nice Grill
Scored [s4s]-tan

25 June 2016 /pol/ Pol icon.png 3–3 His icon.png /his/

Hitler Goal 4'
~Awoovement Goal 26'
Jews Goal 32'
Goal 17'78' >Holy >Roman >Empire
Goal 67' Mosley

Donald Trump Scored
Stormfront Scored
Jews Missed
Moonman Scored
Hitler Scored
Breivik Missed
Carl The Cuck Scored
We Wuz Kangz Scored
Deus Vult Scored
K.. Keep Me Posted Scored
Build Wall Scored
9–8 Scored Bismarck
Scored Napoleon
Scored >Holy >Roman >Empire
Scored Vlad The Implier
Missed Mosley
Missed Diogenes
Scored Carl Von Clausewitz
Scored Aulus
Scored Gaius
Missed Great Wall of China

25 June 2016 /rmu/ File:Rmu icon.png 0–3 Mu icon.png /mu/
Note: Play /mu/'s gh list and a selection of music to be provided by /rmu/ on a shuffled playlist for the whole match with no commentary.
Goal 29' MC Ride
Goal 74' Michael Gira
Goal 90+3' Jeff Mangum

25 June 2016 /nichijou/ Nichijou icon.png 3–4 Nnb icon.png /nnb/
Note: What is the cutest? Country Girl doing cute things or City Girls doing random shit ? Meme rules: TBD
Mio Goal 3'55'
Nano Goal 63'
Goal 37' Sosunser
Goal 66'88' Honoka
Goal 77' Nyanpasu
Booked 38' mama Tadaima

25 June 2016 /igg/ Igg icon.png 2–5 Ssbg icon.png /ssbg/
Note: VGL Elite Brawl
Orteil Goal 26'33' Goal 22'56'73' 2Bigley Only
Goal 76' Final Bigstination

June 26th

Day 14 Video

26 June 2016 /n/ N icon.png 3–1 Co icon.png /co/

I Like Trains Goal 45+3'65'
Bepsi Goal 90+1'
Goal 25' Doom
Booked 38' Ronnie

26 June 2016 /smugleaf/ Smugleaf icon.png 4–4 Reso icon.png /reso/
Note: 11 vs 11 Pokémon Battle
ET and benuldies :DDD
No subs so please use red conditions

Kris Goal 31'
Torkoal Goal 37'42'73'
Goal 3' Hawlucha
Goal 27' Metagross
Goal 49'82' Serena

Kris Scored
Torkoal Scored
Smuglord Scored
Lapras Missed
Harbinger Missed
3–4 Scored Serena
Scored Hawlucha
Scored Metagross
Scored Milotic
Scored Scizor

26 June 2016 /Naruto/ Naruto icon.png 5–6 Tv icon.png /tv/

TnJ Goal 2'8'
Solo King Goal 32'
The Coolest Guy Goal 40'
Tobirama Goal 77'
Goal 3' Brendan Fraser
Goal 10'89'90+5' Real Human Being
Goal 59' For You
Goal 63' Traitor

26 June 2016 /nnb/ Nnb icon.png 7–2 Ar icon.png /ar/
Note: retro vs moe
Nyanpasu Goal 5'21'62'84'
Dagashiya Goal 18'
Whoof Goal 31'
Shinaknsen Goal 55'
Goal 34' Oliver Hutton
Goal 47' O. Francois de Jarjayes

Remember, no Russian. Lear (talk) 23:28, 25 June 2016 (UTC)


Day 15 Video

27 June 2016 /wwe/ File:Wwe icon.png 2–5 Wcw icon.png /wcw/

B-B-Balee Dat BBygrl Goal 6'65' Goal 21'59' Sting
Goal 33'81' Ric Flair
Goal 90+6' Hollywood Hogan

27 June 2016 /@/ @ icon.png 4–2 Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/

Dookie Goal 16'54'
TakeP Goal 44'90+1'
Goal 33'59' Nico

27 June 2016 /wsg/ Wsg icon.png 6–2 Gif icon.png /gif/

Duane Goal 17'
There is Bear Cum! Goal 27'81'
Dodger Leigh Goal 41'59'
Shinobu Oshino Goal 89'
Goal 53' Sauce
Goal 74' The Cook

27 June 2016 /vr/ Vr icon.png 3–3 Vp icon.png /vp/
Note: >Sou
Doomguy Goal 19'57'
CRT Goal 68'
Goal 23' Fug
Goal 47' Bravest Bird
Goal 82' Agumon

27 June 2016 /asp/ Asp icon.png 2–3 Sp icon.png /sp/

Box/Mt+Judo/B Goal 53'72' Goal 45+3' Messi


Day 16 video

28 June 2016 /v/ V icon.png 2–1 Vg icon.png /vg/

Christopher Robin Goal 52'
SANIC Goal 90'
Goal 41' Doctor Jewgle

28 June 2016 /a/ A icon.png 5–0 Jp icon.png /jp/

Bert Kills Armin Goal 2'45'82'
Cowboy Bebop Goal 8'68'

28 June 2016 /w/ W icon.png 3–3 Wg icon.png /wg/

Waifu Walls Goal 37'92'
Powerlevel Goal 84'
Goal 22' Dank Papes
Goal 59'99' Cunt Destroyer

Waifu Walls Missed
Powerlevel Scored
Kurimu Scored
IMT Scored
1 WK ChallengeScored
4–2 Missed Cunt Destroyer
Missed Goldblum
Scored Descartes
Scored Dank Papes

28 June 2016 /aco/ Aco icon.png 4–1 Ck icon.png /ck/
Note: YA BLEW IT /wsr/!
Swiss Healslut Goal 12'
Helen Parr Goal 22'
Shygirl Goal 66'89'
Goal 15' PHS

28 June 2016 /int/ Int icon.png 2–1 Pol icon.png /pol/

Spurdo Sparde Goal 14'77' Goal 32' Jews


Day 17 video

29 June 2016 /r9k/ R9k icon.png 2–1 Soc icon.png /soc/
Elliot Rodger Goal 11'90' Goal 14' Vocaroo

29 June 2016 /u/ U icon.png 4–1 V icon.png /v/

Teru Time Goal 21'80'
Homucifer Goal 50'
Purest Form of Love Goal 62'
Goal 26' BUT FIRST

29 June 2016 /trash/ Trash icon.png 2–4 Seinfeld icon.png /Seinfeld/

Penn Jilette Goal 56'67' Goal 14' Kramer
Goal 36'45+3' Chair Fridge
Goal 85' Jerry

29 June 2016 /sp/ Sp icon.png 2–3 A icon.png /a/

Messi Goal 59'72' Goal 8'90+1' Bert Kills Armin
Goal 76' Mugi

29 June 2016 /4ccg/ 4ccg icon.png 3–2 Block icon.png /block/

Foojposting Goal 6'24'57' Goal 31' Jimbo
Goal 72' Stormer

June 30th

Day 18 Video
Use only the TEEDUS goalhorn, ignore everything else. Extra time, benuldies, red conditions, also don't let me manage if I wake up and forget I wrote this. Make both defensive line 10 and compactness 1 because we need more goals in our lives. Technetium (talk) 06:49, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

30 June 2016 /g/ G icon.png 1–2 Ffg icon.png /ffg/

Install Gentoo Goal 8'
GNU/Windows Booked 72'
Goal 47'55' Doctor Jewgle

30 June 2016 /a/ A icon.png 3–1 Fgog icon.png /fgog/
Note: /fgog/'s War of Independence™
Mugi Goal 4'12'
Cowboy Bebop Goal 85'
Goal 23' Regend

30 June 2016 /utg/ Utg icon.png 2–3 5N@F icon.png /5N@F/
Note: Extra time + benuldies, naturally. All red conditions, all manlet height. It is a childhood war, after all!
Bad Times Goal 56'60' Goal 35'40'49' Mike Schmidt

30 June 2016 /nintendo/ Nintendo icon.png 5–1 Sega icon.png /sega/

Please Understand Goal 7'
My Body is Reggie Goal 23'
Shiggy Goal 41'45+1'
Captain Falcon Goal 90+1'
Goal 66' Burning Rangers

30 June 2016 /ar/ Ar icon.png 7–7 Giivasunner icon.png /giivasunner/
Note: 2-3-5 goalhorn spam derby. Nerf GKs as much as possible
O. Francois de Jarjayes Goal 6'45+0'70'
Kenshiro Goal 13'52'
Oliver Hutton Goal 19'56'
Goal 3'84' Snow Halation
Goal 26'32' Grand Dad
Goal 45+3'89' Loud Nigra
Goal 54' Het

Kenshiro Scored
Oliver Hutton Missed
O. Francois de Jarjayes Scored
Lupin the Third Missed
Captain Harlock Scored
2–4 Scored High Quality Video Games Rips
Scored Grand Dad
Scored Fleentstones
Scored Snow Halation
Scored Loud Nigra

Team Slots

This is for the new teams without a fixed slot in PES16.
Please claim a spot before making your team to avoid export conflicts.


If you have any Aesthetics, please submit them here in Aesthetic Export form.