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Stupor Cup

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The 4chan Stupor Cup is a biannual exhibition match contested by the reigning Elite and Babby Cup champions, in the vein of IRL-divegrass "super cup" matches, such as the UEFA Super Cup and FA Community Shield. This match serves as a curtain-raiser to every new Elite Cup season.

The most recent edition, Stupor Cup 10, was won by Autumn 2020 champions O icon.png /o/, 2-1, over Summer 2020 champions U icon.png /u/.

Due to the 2021 Spring Babby Cup being cancelled and the 10th Anniversary Mega Cup being planned for summer 2021, there will be a break in tradition for Stupor Cups 11 and 12. Stupor Cup 11 is planned to be played just before the Mega Cup by the winner of Stupor Cup 10, /o/ O icon.png, and the Winter 2021 champion, /n/ N icon.png; and Stupor Cup 12 is planned before the 2022 4chan Winter Cup between the Mega Cup champion and the Autumn 2021 champion.

The Stupor Cup has been won 7 times by the Elite Cup champion team, and 3 times by the Babby Cup champion team.


There are two matches each year, one before the Winter Cup and another before the Summer Cup. The match in Winter is contested by the reigning Summer and Autumn Babby Cup winners, and the match in Summer by the reigning Winter and Spring Babby Cup winners.

Each match follows standard cup rules, or, if it is a part of a cup Friendlies session, whatever regulations are set during the Friendlies. The rules are generally the same as in standard knockout stage matches: both extra time and penalties must be turned on, and each team is allowed a fourth sub in extra time only. The match is played at a neutral venue (preferably Konami Stadium or Riggly Field), unless there is mutual agreement by the managers of the participating sides to change stadiums. The home team designation is normally given to the Elite Cup winner, unless both teams agree to hold a coin toss to determine the home team.

Match History

  Stupor Cup 1  
18 June 2016 /fit/ Fit icon.png 2–1 M icon.png /m/

As part of Rigging After Dark
Rich Piana Goal 67'
Scooby Goal 82'
Goal 60' Alteisen Riese Riggly Field

  Stupor Cup 2  
8 January 2017 /jp/ Jp icon.png 2–3 Mlp icon.png /mlp/

As part of the 2017 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies
Autism Goal 18' (pen.)37' Goal 2'12' >Rape
Goal 10' Best Pony
KONAMI Stadium
Attendance: 410

  Stupor Cup 3  
1 July 2017 /fit/ Fit icon.png 1–1 (a.e.t.) Lgbt icon.png /lgbt/

Zyzz Goal 34' Goal 36' Autogynephilia Riggly Field
Attendance: 33
Video: Smashcast
Zyzz Scored
Scooby Scored
L O N D O N Missed
Rich Piana Scored
Activated Almonds Scored
Scored Autogynephilia
Missed Transbian
Missed Alfred Kinsey

  Stupor Cup 4  
12 January 2018 /lgbt/ Lgbt icon.png 3–2 R9k icon.png /r9k/

As part of the 2018 4chan Winter Cup friendlies
Autogynephiliia Goal 43'80'
Goal 5' Elliot Rodger
Goal 47' >tfw no gf
El Monumental Failure
Attendance: 223

  Stupor Cup 5  
7 July 2018 /u/ U icon.png 5–1 E icon.png /e/

Homucifer Goal 57'65'82'
Purest Form of Love Goal 61'
Akkarin Goal 90+2'
Goal 44' Yoko Littner KONAMI Stadium
Video: YouTube

  Stupor Cup 6  
10 February 2019 /vg/ Vg icon.png 4–5 Pol icon.png /pol/

Doctor Jewgle Goal 24'78'
Somehow I'm the Bad Guy Goal 43'
Chinese Ninja Warrior Goal 49'
Apex Booked 15'
Goal 6'37' Moonman
Goal 33'84' Alex Jones
Goal 68' (((Jews)))
Booked 82' Sam Hyde
KONAMI Stadium
Attendance: 255
Video: YouTube

  Stupor Cup 7  
14 July 2019 /gd/ Gd icon.png 0–1 I icon.png /i/

Scored 54' Graphic Design Is My Passion KONAMI Stadium

  Stupor Cup 8  
12 January 2020 /cm/ Cm icon.png 2–0 Trv icon.png /trv/

Suicidal Hooni Goal 51'
Darién Gap Scored 60'
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 166

  Stupor Cup 9  
3 July 2020 /pol/ Pol icon.png 3–0 D icon.png /d/

Moonman Goal 31'
Epstein didn't Kill Himself Goal 50'77'
God Emperor Blumpf Booked 36'
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 112

  Stupor Cup 10  
January 2021 /u/ U icon.png 1–2 O icon.png /o/

Befriending Goal 26' Goal 43'57' WAT Racing Konami Stadium
Video: YouTube

  Stupor Cup 11  
2021 /n/ N icon.png O icon.png /o/