Test Cup V 19.1

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Test Cup V 19.1
Generic trophy.png
Tournament details
Host board Diy icon.png /diy/
Dates February 21–23
Teams 8
Final positions
Champion Pol icon.png /pol/
Runner-up Rsg icon.png /rsg/
Third Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/
Fourth 100oj icon.png /100oj/
Tournament statistics
Matches 28
Goals scored 99 (3.54 per match)
Top scorer(s) 11 goals
Pol icon.png Moonman
Top assister(s) 6 assists
Pol icon.png Hitler
Golden Glove 18 saves
Rsg icon.png ur bad
Best player 4 MotM awards
Pol icon.png Moonman
Yellow cards 20 (0.71 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

Test Cup V 19
Test Cup V 19.1
Test Cup V 19.2

Since people wanted to see how patch 1.02 of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 plays out against 1.06 which was used in the previous edition, this rushed edition of the Test Cup series was created.


Eight teams will compete in this tournament. It will be in a round robin format, of which the team with the most points and goal difference will win this tournament.

No nightlies will be used this cup. Live Management or Management through pastebin is allowed. With exception of the first match a team plays they are allowed to change their formation.

Signups & Exports

Installing the DLC

Download the Test Cup V 19 Aesthetic Pack from the link from here under the download folder and place it in the PES19's download folder. Then download from the aesthetics link above under the same download folder and override the contents over what you downloaded previously.



  • February 17: Aesthetic and Tactical Exports due at 23:59:59 UTC
  • February 21-23: The Tournament will take place.


Note: some terms below are from the UK English version of the game. The US English version sometimes uses different terms (e.g. 'condition' instead of 'form').

Squad Composition

  1. Each team must have exactly 23 players in their squad
    1. A squad must contain at least one player with Goalkeeper (GK) as Registered Position with the Playable Position of GK set to 'A', all other Playable Positions must be set to 'C'.
    2. Outfield players will have their Playable Position set to 'A' to match their Registered Position. All their other Playable Positions must be set to 'C'.
  2. A single player of each squad must be assigned the role of Team Captain and should be designated as such in-game.
  3. Players are categorized as regular, silver, or gold as follows:
    1. 19 of the players must be designated regular players. All regular players including keepers must be rated 77 in all stats.
    2. Two outfield players must be designated as silver and be rated 88 in all stats.
    3. Two outfield players must be designated as gold and be rated 99 in all stats.
  4. Silver and gold players are collectively referred to as medal players.

Player Abilities

  1. All players 175cm and below in height may have their Weak Foot Usage and Weak Foot Accuracy settings set to any amount. For non-medal players 180 cm and above, their usage and accuracy stats are both capped at 2.
  2. All medal players may have their Weak Foot Usage and Weak Foot Accuracy settings set to any amount regardless of height.
  3. All players are allowed to have a lower Attacking Prowess and/or Defensive Prowess, but not higher.
  4. The Form setting is set to 8 for medal players, and 4 for the remaining regular players .
  5. The Injury Resistance setting is set to 3 for all players.
  6. A player cannot have more than a set amount of 'cards', known in the game as Player Skills and COM Playing Styles, under the following restrictions:
    1. Each registered goalkeeper can have at most 2 cards.
    2. Each regular outfield player can have at most 3 cards.
    3. Each silver player can have at most 4 cards.
    4. Each gold player can have at most 5 cards.
  7. Medal players may have free trick cards and/or COM Playing Styles, with the conditions shown below. See the trick card section for a list of permitted trick cards. Note that in the event a player has more than the designated trick card/COM Style limit, all but cards under the limit will be counted in their total.
    1. Each silver player can have 2 trick/COM card.
    2. Each gold player can have 3 trick/COM cards.
  8. The Team Captain is allowed (but not required to have) a free Captaincy card. This card does not count towards any previous limits. All additional Captaincy cards do count towards any previous limits.
  9. Outfield players may have use a card in exchange for an additional player position set to 'A' to a maximum of 3. This extra position may not be 'GK.'
  10. Each player in the squad may be attributed a Playing Styles.
    1. Playing Styles do not count towards the card limit.

Trick Cards

The following cards are the current legal trick cards.

  • S01: Scissors Feint
  • S02: Double Touch
  • S03: Flip Flap
  • S04: Marseille Turn
  • S05: Sombrero
  • S06: Crossover Turn
  • S07: Cut Behind & Turn
  • S08: Scotch Move
  • S23: Rabona

Height Rules

There are two options managers have for distributing team heights, named for their traditional colouring in height charts.

  1. The "green" heights, giving more total height:
    1. Six non-medal players of height exactly 194cm.
    2. Five players of height exactly 185cm.
    3. Six players of height exactly 180cm.
    4. Six players of height exactly 175cm.
  2. The "red" heights, giving bonuses to shorter nonmedal players:
    1. Ten players which are either:
      1. Outfield players of height exactly 185cm.
      2. Goalkeepers of height exactly 189cm.
    2. Seven players of height exactly 180cm.
    3. Six players of height exactly 175cm, with non-medals receiving a +5 bonus to all stats.
  3. The six players that are 175cm may be set to lower (155-174cm) heights, but they still count as 175cm for height brackets and their "lost" cm cannot be used to make other players taller.
    1. Players who are 175cm may also have one additional card.
  4. Players of height 175cm and below may have 4/4 weak foot accuracy and weak foot usage.
# Height Advantage Total Height (cm)
6x 194cm 1164cm Non-medals only
5x 185cm 925cm If GK, increase height to 189cm
6x 180cm 1080cm
6x 175cm 1050cm Players in this category may use 1 additional card
Players in this category may have 4/4 weak foot accuracy/usage
Total Height 4219cm
# Stat Advantage Total Height (cm)
10x 185cm 1850cm If GK, increase height to 189cm
7x 180cm 1260cm
6x 175cm 1050cm Non-medal players in this category receive a +5 stat boost in all stats
Players in this category may use 1 additional card
Players in this category may have 4/4 weak foot accuracy/usage
Total Height 4160cm

Other Restrictions

  1. It is illegal to set the player age and weight outside the ranges defined by the game.
  2. Formations and tactics that are not possible to be made in the standard game without the use of external tools are considered illegal and are not allowed in the 4chan cup.
  3. The position of each player on a team's first preset in their export are required to match one of the player's 'A' positions.
  4. Medal players cannot be played as a goalkeeper at any time.
  5. In a team's deadline export all options under "support settings" must be set to OFF except for "switch preset tactic" which must be set to ON.
    1. The support settings may be altered at later points as specified in Chapter V.
  6. In case two teams have the same player on their roster, the managers should come to an agreement about it. If an agreement is not reached, the team with the earliest verifiable instance of the name gets the right to use the name.

Regular Season

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Pol icon.png /pol/ 7 5 0 2 22 9 13 15
Rsg icon.png /rsg/ 7 3 3 1 10 9 1 12
Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/ 7 3 2 2 14 11 3 11
100oj icon.png /100oj/ 7 3 1 3 12 11 1 10
Umamusume icon.png /umamusume/ 7 2 3 2 9 8 1 9
Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/ 7 1 5 1 12 12 0 8
Tv icon.png /tv/ 7 1 2 4 14 23 -9 5
Gd icon.png /gd/ 7 1 2 4 6 16 -10 5

Friday 21st

21 February 2020 /gd/ Gd icon.png 2–6 Pol icon.png /pol/

Minimalism Goal 5'
Glitch Art Goal 34'
Goal 7'31'39'73' Epstein didn't Kill Himself
Goal 48' The Shadow Commander
Goal 60' God Emperor Blumpf
Metropole Arena
Attendance: 50

21 February 2020 /tv/ Tv icon.png 1–4 Umamusume icon.png /umamusume/

FOR YOU Goal 19' Goal 42'61' Eclipse First
Goal 56'90+3' Special Week
Booked 44' Bonk
Attendance: 62

21 February 2020 /rsg/ Rsg icon.png 2–1 Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/

Zezima Goal 12'
@@@@@@ Goal 26'
Big high ded God Booked 61'
Goal 90+2' Arigatou Banana-san The Sand Casino
Attendance: 59

21 February 2020 /gbpen/ Gbpen icon.png 0–0 100oj icon.png /100oj/

Fleeting~ Booked 43' Booked 5' *skips your turn* Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 59

21 February 2020 /tv/ Tv icon.png 3–3 Rsg icon.png /rsg/

FOR YOU Goal 41'47'68' Goal 9'43' @@@@@@
Goal 59' Thok
Booked 96' Rare Deepwater Jew
The Sand Casino
Attendance: 56

21 February 2020 /pol/ Pol icon.png 1–2 Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/

Epstein didn't Kill Himself Goal 39' Goal 20' Wow I Fucking Love Camping now!
Goal 24' Kawaii Pine Cone
Booked 64' Solo Camping
Rose Park Stadium
Attendance: 58

21 February 2020 /umamusume/ Umamusume icon.png 2–1 100oj icon.png /100oj/

Special Week Goal 4'
Starving Chuuni Scored 39'
>draw a cow >call it a horse Booked 34'
Goal 48' Featuring Suguri from the Suguri Series Saitama Stadium 2002
Attendance: 61

21 February 2020 /gd/ Gd icon.png 1–3 Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/

Kerning Goal 5'
Minimalism Booked 11'
Goal 38' Shuwa*Shuwa
Goal 72' The Spirit of Bushido
Goal 90+3' Are you Fully Devoted?
Booked 69' Chomama
Metropole Arena
Attendance: 56

21 February 2020 /100oj/ 100oj icon.png 3–0 Gd icon.png /gd/

Featuring Suguri from the Suguri Series Goal 53'89'
Cute Idorus Booked 8'
Booked 73' >>>/wsr/ The Sand Casino
Attendance: 63

21 February 2020 /yucamp/ Yucamp icon.png 1–1 Umamusume icon.png /umamusume/

Nadeshiko Goal 28' Goal 18' Special Week Saitama Stadium 2002
Attendance: 65

Saturday 22nd

22 February 2020 /rsg/ Rsg icon.png 2–1 Pol icon.png /pol/

Thok Goal 72'90+0' Goal 62' Hitler The Sand Casino
Attendance: 51

22 February 2020 /gbpen/ Gbpen icon.png 3–3 Tv icon.png /tv/

Are you Fully Devoted? Goal 13'
Shuwa*Shuwa Goal 28'
Mommy Lisa Goal 57'
Goal 33'55' Brendan Fraser
Goal 77' FOR YOU
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 63

22 February 2020 /yucamp/ Yucamp icon.png 1–1 Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/

Kawaii Pine Cone Goal 26' Goal 41' Shuwa*Shuwa Village Road
Attendance: 67

22 February 2020 /umamusume/ Umamusume icon.png 0–1 Rsg icon.png /rsg/

Goal 50' Big Tiddy Slayer GF
Booked 83' @@@@@@
Saitama Stadium 2002
Attendance: 66

22 February 2020 /gd/ Gd icon.png 1–0 Tv icon.png /tv/

Kerning Goal 61' Metropole Arena
Attendance: 67

22 February 2020 /100oj/ 100oj icon.png 1–2 Pol icon.png /pol/

ALTE ACKBAR! Goal 31' Goal 45+2' The Shadow Commander
Goal 61' Moonman
Attendance: 72

22 February 2020 /pol/ Pol icon.png 6–0 Tv icon.png /tv/

Moonman Goal 4'82'86'89'
Birthday Snatcher Scored 23'
Hitler Goal 60'
Brenton Tarrant Booked 67'
The Sand Casino
Attendance: 70

22 February 2020 /rsg/ Rsg icon.png 1–1 Gd icon.png /gd/

@@@@@@ Goal 90+3'
@@@@@@ Booked 73'
Goal 17' Minimalism The Sand Casino
Attendance: 74

22 February 2020 /gbpen/ Gbpen icon.png 2–2 Umamusume icon.png /umamusume/

Fuee... Goal 10'
Oneechan Goal 80'
O-Tae Booked 47'
Goal 45+1' Eclipse First
Goal 76' Teio Step
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 76

22 February 2020 /100oj/ 100oj icon.png 1–4 Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/

Featuring Suguri from the Suguri Series Goal 4' Goal 21'27'33' Kawaii Pine Cone
Goal 42' Arigatou Banana-san
Camp Nou
Attendance: 74

Sunday 23rd

23 February 2020 /rsg/ Rsg icon.png 1–1 Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/
Note: /rsg/'s @@@@@@ is suspended this match
Big Tiddy Slayer GF Goal 9' Goal 29' Shuwa*Shuwa The Sand Casino
Attendance: 21

23 February 2020 /umamusume/ Umamusume icon.png 0–2 Pol icon.png /pol/

>draw a cow >call it a horse Booked 62' Goal 34' Epstein didn't Kill Himself
Goal 41' Moonman
Saitama Stadium 2002

23 February 2020 /gd/ Gd icon.png 1–3 Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/

Glitch Art Goal 10' Goal 12' Arigatou Banana-san
Goal 30' Shimarin
Goal 72' Nadeshiko
Metropole Arena
Attendance: 21

23 February 2020 /tv/ Tv icon.png 3–4 100oj icon.png /100oj/

FOR YOU Goal 21'27'
Brendan Fraser Goal 37'
Goal 39'66' Blazing!
Goal 58' Sir Poppington
Estadio de Escorpião
Attendance: 19

23 February 2020 /yucamp/ Yucamp icon.png 2–4 Tv icon.png /tv/

Shimarin Goal 42'
Nadehsiko Goal 55'
Goal 27'90+2' FOR YOU
Goal 59' Brendan Fraser
Goal 70' Gul Dukat
Village Road
Attendance: 20

23 February 2020 /umamusume/ Umamusume icon.png 0–0 Gd icon.png /gd/
Note: /umamusume/‘s>draw a cow >call it a horse is suspended this match
Autism Horse Booked 88' Booked 63' Helvetica Now Saitama Stadium 2002
Attendance: 21

23 February 2020 /pol/ Pol icon.png 4–2 Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/

Moonman Goal 24'43'66'89'
Yang Gang Booked 19'
Goal 82'90+1' Are you Fully Devoted? Neu Sonne Arena
Attendance: 24

23 February 2020 /100oj/ 100oj icon.png 2–0 Rsg icon.png /rsg/

Cute Idorus Goal 43'
*skips your turn* Booked 44'
Stadio Olimpico
Attendance: 23

Test Cup V 19 Super Final

23 February 2020 /a/ A icon.png 1–1 Pol icon.png /pol/
Note: 1.02
Cowboy Bebop Goal 79'
Truck-kun Booked 15'
Goal 86' Hitler
Booked 24' Hitler
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 21

23 February 2020 /pol/ Pol icon.png 4–4 (a.e.t.) A icon.png /a/
Note: 1.06
Moonman Goal 69'
The Shadow Commander Goal 86'
Epstein didn't Kill Himself Goal 90+0'
Soyboy Goal 93'
Goal 17'90+2' Yotsuba
Goal 66'114' Cowboy Bebop
Attendance: 26
Epstein didn't Kill Himself Scored
Moonman Scored
The Shadow Commander Missed
Hitler Scored
Soyboy Missed
3–4 Scored Yotsuba
Scored Cowboy Bebop
Scored Truck-kun