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Team Cup

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The Team Cup is a PES 15 invitational where a number of boards form two teams that try to win the competition by getting more points than the other team. Both teams have the same amount of boards (n). n matches will be played, meaning that each board will participate in one match.

The 1st match gets the winning team 1 point
The 2nd match gets the winning team 2 points etc
The last match gets the winning team n points

Both teams decide before the match starts which of their boards will play the next match.

The teams will be themed. Teams could look like this:
Normie boards: /sp/ /fit/ /int/ /soc/ /s/ /biz/ /ck/ /tv/

Mental Illness boards: /pol/ /a/ /r9k/ /mlp/ /b/ /d/ /lgbt/ /jp/

The invitational will probably be held after Winter 2015 (sometime in march). Feel free to sign up your team.

Biz icon.png /biz/ host

Sp icon.png /sp/ will give it a shot

Mlp icon.png /mlp/ signing up

Fit icon.png /fit/ fuarkin' joocy

Y icon.png /y/ I hear we can be crazy now and then

S4s icon.png /s4s/ Unironically liking funposting is certainly mental illness. Ironically liking funposting too.

A icon.png /a/ It is normal to like anime and I will prove it by kicking /sp/ and /biz/s collective asshole. Also Kaguya-hime for Oscar 2015!

Hm icon.png /hm/ Plug us in if not enough of our degenerate brothers join in the fray.

Pol icon.png /pol/ participate too

D icon.png /d/ maybe the worst mental disease of all