Tryhard PES Showdown

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Tryhard PES Showdown
Wrestling Bowl II.png
Tournament details
Host board TBD icon.png TBD
Dates March 10–11
Teams 4
Final positions
Champion Toy icon.png /toy/
Runner-up U icon.png /u/
Third C icon.png /c/
Fourth P icon.png /p/
Tournament statistics
Matches 4
Goals scored 17 (4.25 per match)
Top scorer(s) Woody
Top assister(s)
Golden Glove Ika-Chan
Best player
Yellow cards 10 (2.5 per match)
Red cards 2 (0.5 per match)

2018 4chan Winter Cup
Tryhard PES Showdown
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup

download Parsec (, make an account and add ZocraM#44521 to your friends

- Make sure you have an Xbox 360 or compatible Xinput controller - contact MarcoZ to test in advance
- Winter 18 ruleset (PES17, upload a GSSBB export if your team wasn't in Winter or if you'd like different tictacs)
- Single elimination bracket
- actually >play PES and show the world you are truly the greatest tryhard (make sure to be available on Saturday and\or Sunday, March 10th and 11th, at 17 UTC or cup time)
- MarcoZ will stream on comfy and commentate (and hopefully someone will join him)
- don't be a fag and attempt to rig it or something else or I will unplug your controller and make /yourteam/ forfeit (I will have a menu modification that won't allow you to quit out)



The semifinals were decided by wheel decide just before the stream.

Semi Finals
U icon.png /u/
P icon.png /p/
Toy icon.png /toy/
C icon.png /c/
U icon.png /u/
Toy icon.png /toy/
Third Place Match
P icon.png /p/
C icon.png /c/


10 March 2018 /u/ U icon.png 1–0 P icon.png /p/
Note: /p/'s Kai was injured at 49', did not return
Homucifer Goal 6'
Science Babies Booked 35'
Akkarin Booked 44'
Goggles Booked 62'

10 March 2018 /toy/ Toy icon.png 5–0 C icon.png /c/

Madoka Titus Goal 11'
Woody Goal 24'45+2'90+3'
O.T Chainsaw Goal 27'
Optimus Prime Booked 11'
Shelfwarmer Booked 45'
O.T Chainsaw Booked 45'
Red card 45+2' 从x~' u '~x从

Third Place

10 March 2018 /p/ P icon.png 1–2 (a.e.t.) C icon.png /c/

Kai Goal 10'
Kai Booked 117'
Goal 54' No Lewding
Goal 119' Yui


10 March 2018 /u/ U icon.png 2–6 Toy icon.png /toy/

Purest Form of Love Goal 11'51' (pen.)
Goggles Red card 5'
Akkarin Booked 53'
Daidaidaisuki Booked 64'
Goal 5' (pen.)36'45+2' Woody
Goal 28' O.T Chainsaw
Goal 34'49' Madoka Titus
Booked 51' Kinder Eggs
Booked 59' Cobra Commander

Final Boss

The winning manager had to face a Super Star AI 4CC legal team on coach mode that was rigged by the streamer.

10 March 2018 /g/ G icon.png 10–0 Toy icon.png /toy/

Install Gentoo Goal 10'16'54'57'90'
Thinkpad Goal 26'
Botnet Goal 31'
No Time For Love Goal 62' (pen.)
Battlestations Goal 83'
Programming Socks Booked 58'
Booked 62' Mechagodzilla