Banned Bowl '22

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Banned Bowl '22
Tournament details
Host board J icon.png /j/
Dates October 29–30
Teams 6
Final positions
Champion Qb icon.png /qb/
Runner-up Trash2 icon.png /trash/
Third Vip icon.png /vip/
Fourth Qa icon.png /qa/
Tournament statistics
Matches 10
Goals scored 45
Top scorer(s) 5 Goals
Qb icon.png Leaf Girl
Vip icon.png Register a GOLD Account
Vip icon.png [This player requires a 4chan Pass to view]
Top assister(s) 4 Assists
Vip icon.png This is a Slow Board
Golden Glove 11 Saves
Trash2 icon.png Stop Thinking about Sex!
Best player 2 MotM awards
Qb icon.png Day of the Rake
Qb icon.png Leaf Girl
Trash2 icon.png She Looks like she Fucks Human Men
Vip icon.png [This player requires a 4chan Pass to view]
Yellow cards 4 (0.4 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

Banned Bowl '21
Banned Bowl '22

For far too long, the might of J icon.png /j/ has gone unchecked. They've hoarded the hotpockets and any that would oppose them are given warnings (but not bans, they need to contact a mod for that) without mercy.

This Autumn(ish), the Banned Bowl returns.


please note: the rules are fake, and can be changed at any time

The Bowl will be played on PES 21, currently planned to be on the same patch and use the same >tactics rules as Banned Bowl '21, aka those of the 2021 4chan Autumn Babby Cup. Livemanaging is allowed, but not required. POI is for faggots.

Team Requirements

Boards must fall into one of two categories to be eligible for participation. A board must either

  • Be unable to play in >real Cups for any reason (being unlisted, no longer existing, etc.) or
  • Have never played in an official 4chan Cup event before. Friendlies don't count.

Exceptions will be considered because lmao >rules

This section is intentionally vague, if you aren't sure if you fit into one of the above categories join the Banned Bowl dicksword server or just sign up below anyway and I'll yell at you if it sucks.

Current Competitors


J icon.png /j/

Invitational ~/Team ID ~

Qa icon.png /qa/

Invitational ~/Team ID ~

Qb icon.png /qb/

Invitational 22 ~Team ID 862 ~

Trash2 icon.png /trash/

Invitational ~/Team ID ~

Vip icon.png /vip/

Invitational 6/Team ID 846

Vmg2 icon.png /vmg/

Invitational 25 ~Team ID 865 ~

Group Stage

Group A

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Qb icon.png /qb/ 2 2 0 0 6 3 3 6
Trash2 icon.png /trash/ 2 1 0 1 4 4 0 3
J icon.png /j/ 2 0 0 2 4 7 -3 0

29 October 2022 /j/ J icon.png 2–3 Trash2 icon.png /trash/

Makes 5 Useless Boards, Leaves Goal 17'31'
Janny's Paystub Booked 90+3'
Goal 23' SCP-1471
Goal 64'81' She Looks like she Fuckes Human Men
Benuldies Bar and Grill
Attendance: 110

29 October 2022 /trash/ Trash2 icon.png 1–2 Qb icon.png /qb/

This thread was moved to >>>/trash/ Goal 43' Goal 39'53' Day of the Rake Commiesseum
Attendance: 122

29 October 2022 /qb/ Qb icon.png 4–2 J icon.png /j/

Mr. President Goal 9'
Day of the Rake Goal 19'
Leaf Girl Goal 61'86'
Goal 44'73' Janny's Paystub Commiesseum
Attendance: 110

Group B

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Vip icon.png /vip/ 2 2 0 0 7 3 4 6
Qa icon.png /qa/ 2 1 0 1 6 5 1 3
Vmg2 icon.png /vmg/ 2 0 0 2 2 7 -5 0

29 October 2022 /vmg/ Vmg2 icon.png 1–4 Qa icon.png /qa/

Thanks for Reviving KOF Goal 8' Goal 5' Remove Tranime
Goal 18'23' /qa/-tan
Goal 80' #1 Nintendo Fan
Advice Dog Arena
Attendance: 115

29 October 2022 /qa/ Qa icon.png 2–4 Vip icon.png /vip/

Ausfreak Goal 19'
Remove Tranime Goal 90+2'
Goal 27'35'42'87' Register a GOLD Account Colosseo Purgatorio
Attendance: 116

29 October 2022 /vip/ Vip icon.png 3–1 Vmg2 icon.png /vmg/

[This player requires a 4chan Pass to view] Goal 16'43'62' Goal 39' Nokia 3310
Booked 90+0' Thanks for Reviving KOF
Crypto Space
Attendance: 106


Semi Finals

30 October 2022 /qb/ Qb icon.png 2–1 Qa icon.png /qa/

Leaf Girl Goal 57'
Day of the Rake Goal 82'
Goal 69' Lee Goldson
Booked 88' Soyboy
Attendance: 128

30 October 2022 /vip/ Vip icon.png 2–2 (a.e.t.) Trash2 icon.png /trash/

Register a GOLD Account Goal 74'
[This player requires a 4chan Pass to view] Goal 117'
Goal 25' Sue Sakamoto
Goal 99' She Looks like she Fucks Human Men
The /vip/ Lounge
Attendance: 131
Register a GOLD Account Scored
[This player requires a 4chan Pass to view] Scored
test Missed
This is a Slow Board Scored
How? Scored
Happy Easter, /vip/! Scored
What can we do to Fight this Menace? Missed
cock.png Scored
>having a unique board culture Scored
VPN Autism Missed
8–9 Scored She Looks like she Fucks Human Men
Missed This thread was moved to >>>/trash/
Scored SCP-1471
Scored Fang Board
Scored Penn Gillette
Scored /trash/-tan
Scored Big Fat Bat Tats
Missed YWN have Wolf GF
Scored My Lucario is Acting Strange
Scored BIg Fat Cat Tats
Scored Stop Thinking about Sex!

Third Place Match

30 October 2022 /qa/ Qa icon.png 1–3 Vip icon.png /vip/

Ausfreak Goal 80' Goal 52' This is a Slow Board
Goal 72' [This player requires a 4chan Pass to view]
Goal 90+5' test
Booked 65' >he paid to post this
The /vip/ Lounge
Attendance: 124


30 October 2022 /qb/ Qb icon.png 3–2 Trash2 icon.png /trash/

Leaf Girl Goal 6'15'
Mr. President Goal 42'
Goal 30' SCP-1471
Goal 78' She Looks like she Fucks Human Men
KONAMI Stadium
Attendance: 121


Final Rankings

  1. Qb icon.png /qb/
  2. Trash2 icon.png /trash/

  1. Vip icon.png /vip/
  2. Qa icon.png /qa/

  1. J icon.png /j/
  2. Vmg2 icon.png /vmg/