Banned Bowl '22

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Banned Bowl '22
Tournament details
Host board J icon.png /j/
Dates TBD
Teams TBD
Final positions
Champion TBD icon.png TBD
Runner-up TBD icon.png TBD
Third TBD icon.png TBD
Fourth TBD icon.png TBD
Tournament statistics
Matches N/A
Goals scored N/A
Top scorer(s) N/A
Top assister(s) N/A
Golden Glove N/A
Best player N/A
Yellow cards 0 (0 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

Banned Bowl '21
Banned Bowl '22

For far too long, the might of J icon.png /j/ has gone unchecked. They've hoarded the hotpockets and any that would oppose them are given warnings (but not bans, they need to contact a mod for that) without mercy.

This Summer(ish), the Banned Bowl returns.


please note: the rules are fake, and can be changed at any time

The Bowl will be played on PES 21, currently planned to be on the same patch and use the same >tactics rules as Banned Bowl '21, aka those of the 2021 4chan Autumn Babby Cup. Livemanaging is allowed, but not required. POI is for faggots.

Team Requirements

Boards must fall into one of two categories to be eligible for participation. A board must either

  • Be unable to play in >real Cups for any reason (being unlisted, no longer existing, etc.) or
  • Have never played in an official 4chan Cup event before. Friendlies don't count.

Exceptions will be considered because lmao >rules

This section is intentionally vague, if you aren't sure if you fit into one of the above categories join the Banned Bowl dicksword server or just sign up below anyway and I'll yell at you if it sucks.

Current Competitors


Exports section coming soon, probably