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Invitationals (2016-2019)

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Jon Memorial Cup

Also known as the JMC2. Another 8-team cup hosted by Mlp icon.png /mlp/ featuring selected teams played in PES 2016. Was played the weekend of January 2nd-3rd. W icon.png /w/WINSLOL

4CC Stanleyc Up

After an aborted attempt at 4CC/hoc/ using NHL94, an effort using actual aestetics, fights, and 3D gameplay from NHL04 was played on the weekend of January 1st. Jp icon.png /jp/ won.

Test Cup V 16

The second PES 16 invitational hosted by B icon.png /b/ manager Captain Planet, with 16 teams. Was played on January 9th-10th and 16th-17th. A icon.png /a/ won the final 4-2 over Fit icon.png /fit/.

Tag Team Cup 2

The second Tag Team Cup. Wu icon.png /wu/WINSLOL

/vg/ League 6

The SIXTH /vg/ League, now featuring qualifiers! Also UselessNepgear's final league as "main" streamer. Twg icon.png /twg/ won the final 5-3 over Xcg icon.png /xcg/.

Fake Teamb Owl 3

32 fake teams that otherwise would rot on hastily-made wiki pages play against each other. Also something about testing PES or something. Kanker icon.png /kanker/WINSLOL

Lark's Madness II

>lark returns for another fookin' massive elimination tourney with /his/ and /p/ joining the "competition". D icon.png /d/ defeated four previous Cup winners and one Cup runner-up on their route to win the tournament.

Multinational Bowl

Real and fictional nations alike compete together in 4chan's equivalent to the World Cup. Csa icon.png /csa/ won.

Fakkin Boolsheet Series II

Dtroit's back with more Fakkin Boolsheet. Gauntlet 2, El Generalico Classico, Dead Team Memorial, an entire tournament and more! Fun for the whole family!

The Povo Cup

A small tournament on PES 17, giving a brief glimpse of what is likely the platform for Winter 2017 (no source for this). Hosted by SDA. Soc icon.png /soc/ won.

No Bully Bowl

An invitational designed to give inexperienced managers and commentators an opportunity to get comfortable in a low-stress, low-bully environment. Won by Eeee icon.png /eeee/.

/vg/ League 7

The >7th iteration of the universally-popular VGL, with the return of qualifiers! Hosted and streamed primarily by QD on the VGL hitbox channel. Ddg icon.png /ddg/ won the final 4-1 over Xcg icon.png /xcg/.

Wheel Decide End of the Year RNG Championship

It was a 32-team single elimination tournament that was the final invitational in PES 2016. The tournament was streamed by DrDtroit. Ck icon.png /ck/ won the final 1-0 on corner kicks over E icon.png /e/.


Test Cup V 17

The first PES 17 invitational hosted by Captain Planet, with 8 teams. Was played on January 7th-8th. A icon.png /a/ won the final 3-2 over F icon.png /f/.

Test Cup V 17.1

The second PES 17 invitational hosted by Captain Planet, with 8 teams. Was played on January 14th-15th. Pol icon.png /pol/ won the final 2-1 over R9k icon.png /r9k/.


The third edition of the FLGS Cup hosted by QD, with 4 teams. Was played on March 4th-5th. Toy icon.png /toy/ won the final 2-1 over Tg icon.png /tg/.

Vidya Bowl II

The second edition of the Vidya Bowl hosted by Kekkels, with all four now-ELITE vidya teams competing for another very legitimate You're Winner! trophy and some bragging rights. Was played on March 11th-12th. V icon.png /v/ won the final 1-0 over Vg icon.png /vg/.

Tag Team Cup 3

The third Tag Team Cup event, following Tag Team Cup 2. Was hosted March 18-19 and 25-26 by Kekkels and QD. As with the previous two Tag Team Cups, each team was made up of two boards, and used the GSSSS format. Vrm icon.png /vrm/ won the final 3-1 over Hpo icon.png /hpo/.

/sp/erb Owl

Tournament open to various existing generals on /sp/, in the vein of the /vg/ League, created to fill in the void left by /sp/ not having to compete in the Spring Babby Cup for that year. Hosted by TWAIN on April 16-17. Afl icon.png /afl/ won the final over Trans icon.png /trans/, 2-0.

Beta Bowl

An invitational designed to give new managers some experience, hosted by R9k icon.png /r9k/ and streamed by AlternativeRoo, with 12 teams. Was played on March 31th and April 1st-2nd. Hanny icon.png /hanny/ won the final 2-1 over Fgog icon.png /fgog/.

/vg/ League 8

Now with even more qualifiers! Was played on June 9th-11th, 16th-18th and 24th-25th. Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/ won the final 3-1 over Lzg icon.png /lzg/.

Lewd Bowl

An invitational for boards, orange or blue, that enjoy and or post lewd. Was played on June 30th and 1-2 July. E icon.png /e/ won the final 2-1 over H icon.png /h/.

Fakkin Boolsheet Series III

The third edition of Dtroit's football festival of PES follies - and the first in the card-friendly PES 17 - with the Chump Onions Leek, Gauntlet 3, and many more ideas you can only find in Fakkin Boolsheet!

/pol/eague 1

An invitational hosted by Pol icon.png /pol/ and streamed by DrBorisG that features teams that represent the generals on /pol/. The tournament took place on July 8th-9th. Ptg icon.png /ptg/ won the final 1-0 over Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/. REDDITWINSLOL

Moeshit Cup 2

Second edition of the Moeshit Cup planned before the 2017 Summer Cup. Garupan icon.png /garupan/ won the final 3-1 over Rln icon.png /rln/.

Golden Spoon Cup

Which 4chan board is the best at rigging PES so they can lose? The Golden Spoon Cup intends to answer this question. Pol icon.png /pol/ lost the final 13-1 against Gd icon.png /gd/ to sweep this tournament with a perfect record.

The Annual Meeting of the Anacreontic Society (REAL) Fake Teamb Owl 4

64 teams come together to compete in perhaps the biggest virtual divegrass tournament one could be crazy enough to run. For the memes, I guess. Ita icon.png /ita/ won 3-0 over Nbl icon.png /nbl/.

Multinational Bowl 2

Second edition of 4chan's equivalent to the World Cup, open to /int/ generals, other real nations, fictional, and historical nations. Mn icon.png /mn/ won 2-1 over the defending champions Csa icon.png /csa/.

/vp/ Bowl

12-team tournament based around the board of Vp icon.png /vp/, with teams representing generals on this board or other /vp/-related teams. Poclo icon.png /poclo/ secured a perfect record in this tournament with a 3-2 win over Genwun icon.png /genwun/ in the final.

World Wars II Cup II

The third iteration of the World Wars series, but this time it actually happened. Pol icon.png /pol/ rewrote World Wars history by winning the final 2-1 over Sci icon.png /sci/.

/vg/ League 9

Ninth edition of the popular /vg/ general themed tournament, this time with lots of idolshit sprinkled into the mix. Took place from December 1-17. Aog icon.png /aog/ won the final over Gsg icon.png /gsg/, 1-0.

Omegacup 2017

Massive 128-team single-elimination tournament to celebrate the best of PES 2017 that took place in December after /vg/ League 9. 5N@F icon.png /5N@F/ won the final over Co icon.png /co/, 1-0.

/hoc/ League

Eight-team, minimally-managed tournament created to test out a weekly league format with new height rules and other PES rules. Teams are created to mimic real-life NHL teams, with the exception of one team representing college hockey in general. Planned to start in mid-September, break during the Autumn Babby Cup, and conclude in early December. Finally ended just before Christmas, in which Stors icon.png /stors/ beat Rags icon.png /rags/ in the most >rags way possible.

Kurisumasu Cup III

This single elimination tournament hosted by SDA features 12 teams related to Japanese culture - /a/, /c/, /cm/, /d/, /e/, /i/, /jp/, /h/, /m/, /u/, /vp/, /w/ and /y/. /h/ would go on to beat /u/ 2-1 in the final. The tournament took a whole year to finish due to the passing of SDA's pet doggo.


/pol/eague 2

An invitational hosted by Pol icon.png /pol/ that was streamed by DrBorisG that features teams that represent the generals on /pol/. The second iteration took place on January 5th-7th, and culminated with Sg icon.png /sg/ winning the final over Ancap icon.png /ancap/, 2-1.

Tryhard PES Showdown

Four teams competed in this small invitational tournament in which the managers actually >played PES, via a special PC gaming streaming service that allows co-op game play from the cloud. Hosted by MarcoZ via the comfy stream. Toy icon.png /toy/ won the final over U icon.png /u/, 6-2.

Tag Team Cup 4

Fourth edition of the popular Tag Team Cup series, with newly-created teams consisting of two boards each and running in GSSBBB format matching up against each other to be the best pair in the deck. Took place on March 17-18, 23-25. Reddit icon.png /reddit/ won the final over Fn icon.png /fn/, 2-1.

/sp/erb Owl 2018

Second edition of the /sp/erb Owl, open to all existing generals on /sp/, to be once again streamed by TWAIN. Took place from March 31 to April 8. Trb icon.png /trb/ won over Afl icon.png /afl/, 2-3.

2018 Spring 4CC Cricket

T20 rules cricket played on Ashes Cricket between 8 randomly selected teams that were ranked in the top 16 at the time of selection (prior to the 2018 Spring Babby Cup). A double elimination tournament that resulted in K icon.png /k/ taking home the trophy after climbing all the way to the finals after going down to the losers bracket in the first round.

Fakkin Boolsheet Series IV

THE BOOLSHEET IS BACK, YA JABRONIES!!!!!! DrDtroit once again plays host to many of your favorite Fakkin Boolsheet events - such as the Gauntlet, and the Lankyb Owl - plus there are many more fun surprises to be had in this fabulous football follies festival, coming at you this spring/summer!

/vg/ League X

The highly-popular biannual tournament open to existing generals on /vg/ celebrates its 10th edition in spectacular fashion - with a 48-team GIGAVGL, the largest ever VGL tournament! Took place just after the 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup, and concluded with VGL newcomer Vrg icon.png /vrg/ winning 4-1 over Fgg icon.png /fgg/ in the final.

2018 4CC Champions League

Second attempt at running a tournament contested by the winners (and some runners-up) of the previous year's cups, /vg/ Leagues, and other tournaments. Unlike the first attempt, this tournament will NOT be spread throughout a period of roughly 9 months. 5N@F icon.png /5N@F/ won over Ghost icon.png /ghost/, 4-3.

(REAL) Fake Teamb Owl 5-ish

Teams play games and score points in order to have a shot at winning this sport-themed tournament. Other than that, there's not much else to say about this competition. Snes icon.png /snes/ tried way too hard throughout this tournament, defeated Mogra icon.png /mogra/, 4-3, in the final match to complete a perfect run, and is now permanently banned from competing in future editions of this tournament.

/pol/eague 3

Third edition of the Pol icon.png /pol/-hosted invitational open to all generals on that board. Took place after the 2018 4chan Summer Cup from the 21st to 23rd of September. It ended with Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/ winning against Balk icon.png /balk/ on penalties after a 3-3 match.

Multinational Bowl 3: From Russia With Fug

Third edition of the Multinational Bowl series open to all teams representing real, fictional, and historical nations, with added Russian flair as this year's tournament took place just a couple months after the World Cup. It took place on August 24-26 and 31 and on September 1-2. Pak icon.png /pak/ won in the final against Ussr icon.png /ussr/, 2-0.

/vp/ Bowl II

The second iteration of an invitational based around the board of Vp icon.png /vp/, with teams consisting of either /vp/ generals or /vp/ related teams. It was hosted on August 25-26 and September 1-2. Genwun icon.png /genwun/ won against Kanto icon.png /kanto/ on penalties after a 1-1 match.

/vg/ League 11

The absolutely BASED tournament open to all /vg/ generals returns for another massive 48-team VGL! Dbg icon.png /dbg/ won the final over Fgog icon.png /fgog/, 3-0.

Divegrass Before Christmas

Just a random invitational to share the wonderful spirits of divegrass and Christmas with your fellow anons and riggers.


Small Team Shitshow

The Small Team Shitshow is an invitational hosted by Old Man Sou !!VxWspnN285O played in PES 16 using a special AI pack made by MarcoZ !!ycrzIG/Qkev.

Big Team Brawl

The Big Team Brawl is an upcoming invitational hosted by Andy featuring the largest markets possible in the 4chan Cup.

VGL Luigi Circuit

The VGL Luigi Circuit is a highly prestigous /vg/ League eight team double elimination cup focused on giving the invited team a chance to compete on a stage more appropriate for their abilities. Or more importantly have some fun in a pressure-less environment and hopefully even win some matches.

/sp/erb Owl 2019

The 3rd edition of TWAIN's /sp/ general thread based tournament. To be held in January of 2019, with signups lasting until the end of 2018.

MobaBowl 2019

The MobaBowl is a /vg/ League team focused invitational that invites Mobage focused generals to participate in a 16 team double elimination tournament to find out who is the King of Mobage.

Girls' Frontleague

Girls’ Frontleague is what happens when the brainlets in charge of /gfg/ divegrass smoke a bunch of crack and decide that it would be >fun to host their very own 8 team invitational made entirely of Girls' Frontline and /gfg/-related teams.

Beta Bowl 3

Third edition of the Beta Bowl hosted by Adv icon.png /adv/'s WayJay and R9k icon.png /r9k/. Intended to give livemanaging experience to new managers against experienced managers to prepare them for a >real Tournament.

/co/b Owl 5

Fifth iteration of the little inter-/co/ tournament hosted by DrBorisG !!uWmnP2zIyZF.

Australian Shitposting Bowl

The Australian Shitposting Bowl (also known as Straya Shitpostingb Owl) is another installment of Garbage Day Festivities following the 2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup group stage, streamed by Old Man Sou !!VxWspnN285O on >Twitch the day before the 2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup final weekend.

/vg/ League 12

/vg/ League 12 will be the twelfth iteration of the /vg/ general themed PES competition and the fifth competition on PES 2017.

/pol/eague 4

Fourth edition of the Pol icon.png /pol/-hosted invitational open to all generals on that board. Scheduled to take place after the 2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup.

Bob Villa's This Old PES18

I think this was Fakkin Boolsheet Series IV but I don't know

8 Years of Rigging

The 8 Years of Rigging is a test tournament to celebrate the 8 year anniversary of the 4chan Cup, it will act as a replay of the entire tournament on the same version of PES, same squads, same format.

/vr/ League

Invitational hosted by Vr icon.png /vr/

/vp/ Bowl III

The /vp/ Bowl was an invitational based around the board of /vp/, with teams consisting of either /vp/ generals or /vp/ related teams.

4CC vs UCL

The 4chan Cup vs UEFA Champions League or 4CC vs UCL for short was an invitational to pit real life football clubs and 4chan boards against eachother to determine which form of football is the best, memeball or divegrass?

/tv/ league

The /tv/ League was the first PES tournament hosted by /tv/. Teams representing /tv/ generals, as well as popular films, shows, and sitcoms will compete to become the first /tv/ League champion.

/ag/ League and Feed 4: Formerly Fake Team Bowl

This tournament exists to have fun. Don't take it seriously, yadda yadda.

Multinational Bowl 4

WORLD LEAGUE: Multinational Bowl 4 was the 4th edition of the Multinational Bowl series (4CC's equivalent of the World Cup), scheduled to take place after the 2019 4chan Summer Cup. The tournament is open to all /int/ generals, other real nations, fictional, and historical nations.

Garbage Day: Golden Spoon Edition

The Garbage Day: Golden Spoon Edition was another installment of Garbage Day Festivities following the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup group stage, streamed by Old Man Sou !!VxWspnN285O the day before the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup knockout stage the Saturday after the conclusion of the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup. Contestants were the eight worst teams that have been relegated from the groups of the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup and the teams that gotten aborted in the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers.

/vg/ League 13

/vg/ League 13 is the 13th iteration of the /vg/ general themed PES competition. It's going back in time and is being played on PES 2016.

Friendship Association Games 5

The Friendship Association Games 5 was the fifth iteration of unofficial Mlp icon.png /mlp/ tournament. The tournament was played on the weekend of December 14-15, alongside the /mlp/ medal poll for 2020 4chan Winter Cup.

Kurisumasu Cup IV

The Kurisumasu Cup IV was the sixth 4chan Cup Christmas special. In this 12-team direct knockout invitational, teams with connections to Japan and Japanese culture will face off. Sleep Deprived Anon Hosted and stream the cup.

Test Cup V 19

Hosted by Gio