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Trip Cup

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The Trip Cup
Generic trophy.png
Tournament details
Host board Mlp icon.png /mlp/
Dates November 25 2012
Teams 8
Final positions
Champion Vg icon.png /vg/
Runner-up Mlp icon.png /mlp/
Third K icon.png /k/
Fourth Sp icon.png /sp/
Tournament statistics
Matches 8
Goals scored 30 (3.75 per match)
Top scorer(s) K icon.png Zergface (4)
Top assister(s) K icon.png Zergface (3)
Golden Glove 0
Best player K icon.png Zergface
Yellow cards 0 (0 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
The Trip Cup

The Trip Cup is an unofficial cup organized by /mlp/ manager Nor/mlp/erson. The participants were selected based on their relatively large tripfag userbase. This cup is in no way endorsing or supporting tripfags, but discouraging and promoting awareness of the cancer their circlejerks cause.


These were the following conditions for all Cup games:

Participating teams

The following eight teams were invited to participate in the tournament:


The teams were seeded as shown. There will be no Losers Bracket.

  Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals
  1  Sp icon.png /sp/ 3  
35  Vp icon.png /vp/ 2  
  1  Sp icon.png /sp/ 0  
  27  Vg icon.png /vg/ 2  
21  Mu icon.png /mu/ 1
  27  Vg icon.png /vg/ 3  
    27  Vg icon.png /vg/ 2
  22  Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 0
  22  Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 4  
26  Soc icon.png /soc/ 1  
  22  Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 2 (5) Third place
  4  K icon.png /k/ 2 (4)  
4  K icon.png /k/ 4 1  Sp icon.png /sp/ 1
  28  O icon.png /o/ 0   4  K icon.png /k/ 3

Quarter Finals

25 November 2012 /sp/ Sp icon.png 3–2 Vp icon.png /vp/

Tim Teboq Goal 19'85'
Torres Goal 65'
Goal 17' Miror B
Goal 41' Nigger Winner Furthremore

25 November 2012 /mu/ Mu icon.png 1–3 Vg icon.png /vg/

Jeff Mangum Goal 90+1' Goal 8'22' DesWOW
Goal 78' Buggleson

25 November 2012 /mlp/ Mlp icon.png 4 — 1 Soc icon.png /soc/

Best Pony Goal 32'57'
>rape Goal 45+1'64'
Goal 15' Crush

25 November 2012 /k/ K icon.png 4–0 O icon.png /o/

Deagle Brand Deagle Goal 21'
Zergface Goal 58'
Moist Nugget Goal 68'

Semi Finals

25 November 2012 /sp/ Sp icon.png 0–2 Vg icon.png /vg/

Goal 66'79' New Thread

25 November 2012 /mlp/ Mlp icon.png 2–2 (a.e.t.) K icon.png /k/

Lyra Plushie Goal 66'
Best Pony Goal 97'
Goal 28'118' Zergface
Molestia Scored
Cheeselegs Scored
Lyra Plushie Scored
Fuck Your Marker Scored
>rape Scored
5–4 Scored Zergface
Scored Deagle Brand Deagle
Scored Moist Nugget
Missed Nex Alea

Third Place Match

25 November 2012 /sp/ Sp icon.png 1–3 K icon.png /k/

Torres Goal 48' Goal 24' Deagle Brand Deagle
Goal 42' Wound Vectors
Goal 58' Zergface


25 November 2012 /vg/ Vg icon.png 2–0 Mlp icon.png /mlp/

New Thread Goal 3'
Gootecks Goal 83'


Final Rankings

  1. Vg icon.png /vg/
  2. Mlp icon.png /mlp/
  3. K icon.png /k/
  4. Sp icon.png /sp/

  1. Vp icon.png /vp/
  2. Mu icon.png /mu/
  3. Soc icon.png /soc/
  4. O icon.png /o/