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Tag Team Cup

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Teams competing in Tag Team Cup are formed by two 4chan boards, and jointly managed by the management of both boards.

Currently, the Tag Team Cup has had six completed iterations.

Tournament Teams Final Third place game
Champion Score Runner Up Third Score Fourth
Tag Team Cup 1 9 Wu icon.png /wu/ 2–0 Anco icon.png /anco/ M/u icon.png /m/u/ 2–1 Pobiz icon.png /pobiz/
Tag Team Cup 2 10 Wu icon.png /wu/ 3–1 Mtg icon.png /mtg/ Uv icon.png /uv/ 4–0 Tvs4s icon.png /tvs4s/
Tag Team Cup 3 12 Vrm icon.png /vrm/ 2–1 Hpo icon.png /hpo/ Ak icon.png /ak/ 2–1 Dtoy icon.png /dtoy/
Tag Team Cup 4 15 Reddit icon.png /reddit/ 2–1 Fn icon.png /fn/ Dtoy icon.png /dtoy/ 5–1 Kout icon.png /kout/
Tag Team Cup 5 16 Mld icon.png /mld/ 3–0 Banterbus icon.png /banterbus/ Ayyco icon.png /ayyco/ 2–1 (2-1 pen.) Covr icon.png /covr/
Tag Team Cup 6 20 Vap icon.png /vap/ 3–1 Ux icon.png /ux/ Khis icon.png /khis/ 5–3 S4mu icon.png /s4mu/