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Aesthetic Templates

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Please give us a heads-up on the /4ccg/ thread or the /aesco/ discord if you find something wrong with any of the templates in this page.

Templates for PES18/19

Premade head templates

Generic head

This PES18 generic head template contains the following:

  • face_high.fmdl, just edit the texture paths to point to the correct playerID and build it into your FPK
  • face_diff-noEEEE.bin, rename to face_diff.bin and build it into your FPK to hide the EEEE eyes and mouth
  • face_diff-default.bin, rename to face_diff.bin and build it into your FPK to keep the default EEEE eyes and mouth
  • face.fpk-noHairFMDL.xml, rename to face.fpk.xml if you are not including a hair_high.fmdl in your FPK
  • face.fpk-withHairFMDL.xml, rename to face.fpk.xml if you are including a hair_high.fmdl in your FPK
  • gh_template.xcf, a template for creating textures for the head
  • generic_head.blend, a blender model you can use to preview said textures

Block head

This PES18 block head template contains the following:

  • hair_high.fmdl, edit the Base_Tex_SRGB texture to point to your texture ( by default)
  • texture_layout.png, a template for laying out your block head texture
  • Standard files: face.fpk.xml, face_diff.bin, face_nrm.ftex, face_srm.ftex, face_trm.ftex

Additional box and cardhead collection

Both should be simple enough to use. Edit the included texture file to have the image(s) you want on your head and you're done, the aesthetics compiler does the rest

Full Body Model (FBM) template

This medic suit model can be used as the basis for your own FBMs.

Templates for PES16/PES17

Premade head templates

To use these take one of the contained folders and make a copy of it, edit the hair_parts_col dds texture inside ( recommended) and save. That folder is now your player's new face folder, which you can include in your aesthetic export and test with the compiler (see AET).

Box head templates: mega

Card head templates: mega

Templates for exporting models using blender

Base head with neck: mega

Blank head with nothing on the face meshes nor hair meshes (except Hair_2): mega
(Can also be used as invisible head by deleting the hair files.)

Ball template: mega (The model file can also be used for exporting static models for players.)

Templates for player customization

Template for custom skin: mega

Template for custom kit and skin (Setting FPC is recommended to avoid glitches): mega