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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
This is still a work in progress.
Please be patient.

This page describes the proper format for Aesthetic Exports.

Since scripts are used for automatically checking and compiling Aesthetic Exports, it is important that all the files are in the correct folder in the export.
The first section explains the general structure of a properly made export, while the second section contains more detailed rules.

There's a Template at the bottom of the page which can be used as a base to make exports for new teams.

All the Aesthetic Exports posted on a team page must be uploaded by a verified manager of the team, or at least signed by them.

Make sure to check the template and tool links at the bottom of the page.

Structure of an Aesthetic Export

The folders of a complete export are these:
(--- is your Team Name. XXX is anything three characters long, it'll get replaced with the actual team ID by the compiler.)

  • --- Note.txt
  • Faces
    • XXX01 - Player name
    • XXX02 - Player name
    • etc
  • Portraits
  • Kit Configs
  • Kit Textures
  • Logo
  • Boots (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Common (optional)
  • Other (optional)

There is no real need to zlib anything before adding it to the export nor does every folder need to be filled, you just use the folders you need to use.
If you have any empty folders, please delete them to make checking your export easier.


Main Export Folder

Please don't forget to change the --- in the template to your team's name.
The zip or 7z file you'll make to upload the export can either contain a main folder with the various folders inside of it, or just the various folders. Both ways are fine.

--- Note.txt

This is the most important file and the only one that is absolutely required.
Inside your --- Note.txt you'll find a set up template for you to fill in.

  • Team (Required) - Replace /---/ with your board name.
  • Team Colours (Optional) - Replace the 'RGB's with RGB codes for colours, please fill at least the first two colours and delete any unused lines.
  • Kit Colours (Required) - Replace the 'RGB's with RGB codes for colours, please fill only the colours corresponding to the kits you have and delete any extra lines. The amount of lines will let pes understand how many kits you have.
  • Other Notes (Optional) - If you have any notes you'd like the Aesthetics Helper to see, for example to point out what to do with stuff you put in the 'Other' folder, stick them here. Feel free to use it as a shitposting box too.

If you don't know what to write in the RGB fields just replace them with 000. They're only used in the game menus anyway.
If you prefer, you can use Hex codes for the team and kit colours. Write them in the format '#RRGGBB'.
For example, these two lines are equivalent:
- 1st Player: 000 000 000 - 255 255 255
- 1st Player: #000000 - #FFFFFF


This folder is used for all the face files and folders.

Please set out your face folders to look like the following:

  • Faces\XXXxx - Simple Player Name

Where XXX can be whatever, even simply XXX (the ID is irrelevant and gets replaced with the actual team ID by the compiler) and xx is the player's number in the team (between 01 and 23). All the player files will go in this folder.
The player name can have spaces, not correspond exactly to the player's name, and be as long or short as you want, provided that it doesn't have special characters.
Adding the player name is required since it makes finding and fixing faces with problems easier, unless you have a list of the player IDs in the Other Notes section of the Note txt file.

For example, if you have multiple faces, your face folder can look something like this:

  • Faces\XXX01 - Untitled-1.AI
  • Faces\XXX02 - waywo
  • Faces\XXX03 - ratelogo
  • etc

If you're using PES18, the contents of the face folder need to include the following:

  • Face Folder\face.fpk.xml
  • Face Folder\face_diff.bin
  • Face Folder\[face models].fmdl
  • Face Folder\[textures].ftex or Face Folder\[textures].dds

Of course, only make folders for the players that have custom models, so if, for example, player 04 has an ingame edited face, do not make a face folder for XXX04.

Do not add any .cpk, .fpk or .fpkd files to the export, the compiler will build all the cpk/fpk files itself after checking all the player folders.


Player Portraits are required for all the 4cc teams, optional but strongly recommended otherwise.

Each player's portrait consists in a DDS (DXT5, 128x128) texture.
For all the players which have a face folder, you can and should include the portraits in their face folders, using as filename. In this way, when you change a player's id you don't need to rename the portrait too.

For players with faces made ingame, you'll have to put the portraits in the Portraits folder, using as filename, where xx is the player's number in the team (between 01 and 23). If you don't have any faces made ingame you can delete and ignore the Portraits folder.

  • Portraits\
  • Portraits\
  • Portraits\
  • etc

If the compiler finds a portrait in the face folder and one in the Portrait folder, both for the same player, it will prioritize the one in the face folder.

If you're using PES17, to test the portraits in PES after compiling your export make sure to clear the Appearance flags in your editfile.
If you're using the Rigit-style editor you do this by clicking on Database > Fix Database, then saving.
if you're using the NGE-style editor you do this by clicking on 4CC > Reset All Flags, then saving.
You need to do this every time you import an export into your savefile, otherwise some portraits will end up looking blank.

Kit Configs

This folder is used for the team's kit config files.

Put all the kit config files straight in this folder.
Do not try to add multiple GK kits, PES only allows one anyway. A team has a maximum of 10 kits of which one always needs to be the GK, so you can have 9 outfield kits at most.

Make sure that the config files follow the standard naming, otherwise they will be rejected by the compiler. You can use configs directly from other teams since the ID gets changed automatically by the compiler.

Kit Textures

This folder is used for the team's kit texture files.

Just put all the kit textures of your team in this folder.

Make sure that the texture files follow the naming convention, otherwise they may be rejected by the compiler. You can use textures directly from other teams since the ID gets changed automatically by the compiler.

This folder is used for providing your Team Logo. It's required for all the non-4cc teams, optional otherwise.

Put three .png images in this format:

  • emblem_0XXX_r.png (128x128 pixels) (mainly shown in tactical screens and at the bottom of the screen during the match)
  • emblem_0XXX_r_l.png (256x256 pixels) (seemingly never shown, maybe in the team selection menu)
  • emblem_0XXX_r_ll.png (512x512 pixels) (mainly shown in the match start sequence)

Note that the last part is lowercase L or LL, not uppercase i or ii.
The three images do not have to be the exact same logo. You can use a simpler version for the smaller one, or whatever you can think of. Please be reasonable though.


This folder is used for all the custom Boots folders for your team. It's completely optional.

Add all the boot folders as they are in common\character0\model\character\boots, so k0600 per example, to this folder.
You should get something like GD Aesthetic Export\Boots\k0600\<boots files>.

Each team has a designated set of slots which you can find on this page.
Boots will not be added to the Boots.bin so they will not show up in the ingame list, use a save editor to assign the correct boots ID to your players. Do not add thumbnails to the export either.


This folder is used for all the custom GK Gloves folders for your team. It's completely optional.

Add all the gloves folders as they are in common\character0\model\character\glove, so g600 per example, to this folder.
You should get something like GD Aesthetic Export\Gloves\g600\<gloves files>.

Each team has a designated set of slots which you can find on this page.
Gloves will not be added to the Glove.bin so they will not show up in the ingame list, use a save editor to assign the correct gloves ID to your players. Do not add thumbnails to the export either.


Supported in PES16/17 only.

This advanced folder is used for any files you want to share across multiple players instead of adding them to the face folder of each of them, saving space in the export. It's completely optional.

Any files you place here will be moved to the folder
where --- is the team's name.
Use model/character/uniform/common/---/ as a path in the xml and mtl files of the models for which you want to use these files, instead of the usual ./


Use this folder for anything that does not belong in any of the other folders or if you are not sure if something goes in which folder.
Please leave a note of your files at the bottom section of the --- Note.txt so that nothing gets left out.
New balls and stadiums must not be added to the export, send them directly to someone from the Aesthetics Council.


  • Aesthetic Export Template for PES16/17 (Use if your team is new): gdrive

Includes a step by step guide on how to set your aesthetic export properly.

  • Example of a completed and fully supported PES16/17 Aesthetic Export: gdrive

  • 4cc AET Simplifier v2.5 (for old PES16 exports): gdrive

This tool converts exports from the legacy format used until Autumn 16 into the new simplified format automatically, and checks it for errors.
It also adds automatically the player names to the face folder names.

  • 4cc AET Compiler v4.1 for PES16/17/18: mega

This tool converts exports into a cpk and automatically adds it to the PES dlc filelist, so that you can test them right away.
It also warns about any errors in the export, so you can use this tool to check if you compiled it properly.

Click to read the changelog ->

03/05/19 - Version 4.1 - Added automatic dds to ftex conversion when in fox mode - Updated the uniparam builder version to support updating the same file every time - Added automatic fmdl texture path editing - Made portraits in face folders get used even if the folder is unusable

02/05/19 - Version 4.0 (Fox final) - Implemented kit texture checking and moving for pes 18 - Implemented compilation of the UniParam file - Streamlined the code by moving some of the functions into engine files

30/04/19 - Version 3.9 (Fox preview) - Implemented packing of faces in pes18 format - Added support for portraits in face folders

12/10/17 - Version 3.8 - Implemented removal of leftover kit entries in the unicolor bin.

19/9/17 - Version 3.7 - Updated the cpkmaker libraries - Removed the other_stuff folder and moved its contents to the root folder

9/9/17 - Version 3.6 - Added order numbers to the script files - Added support for zlibbed kit configs - Added a check for the right type of file on kit textures (no more pngs renamed to dds) - Improved the error messages - Updated the readme

10/8/17 - Version 3.5 - Added support for the Common folder

1/3/17 - Version 3.3 - Added ini files to the exclusion list of the export extractor

5/2/17 - Version 3.2 - Improved recognition for portraits with wrong filenames - Added support for custom kit icons in the txt

18/1/17 - Version 3.1 - Ignore empty Other folders.

4/1/17 - Version 3.0 - Id-less. Automatic replacing of the team IDs in the exports' files. - Support for PES17's portraits.

29/11/16 - Version 2.0 - A fuckload of fixes. Now everything should work properly, including the bins file creation, the zlibbing and the checking of exports.

13/11/16 - Version 1.3 - Modified the export extracting part of the script to warn about the amount of kit entries in the txt not being the same as the amount of kit config files in the export. - Improved the unicolor bin compiler to support txt files which don't have an Other section, and to show on screen the number of team colors and kits that were recognized properly.

27/10/16 - Version 1.2 - Removed the option for offering to create a txt for teams without note txts (it was breaking the whole program every time it was activated). - Improved the recognition of teams with txts without a team ID. - Added warning about txts with unicode formatting being unsupported. - Added support for teams with more than 7 kits to the unicolor bin updater.

26/10/16 - Version 1.1 - Implemented the removal of Thumbs.db files by making 7zip exclude them while extracting exports. - Added support to the checker for edithair faces. - Improved the zlibbing function by making it store every texture it zlibs in a folder, so that there's no need to zlib everything again when rerunning the script. - Added an option to make the cpkmaker exe compress the cpk it makes instead of zlibbing every texture. The zlibbing method is still recommended if compression is needed, though.

25/10/16 - Version 1.0 - Initial support for the new simplified export format.