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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/Auto-ATF

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2017 4chanlogo.png
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
This is still a work in progress.
Please be patient.


You can find instructions on what to do written in the ini file included.
Extended teams are given brief names, eg Backup 3 is /b3/, VGL 1 is /v1/, Invitational 1 is /i1/.
Please report any and all bugs on the thread or the 4cc discord.

Current known issues and limitations:

  • Cannot check formations at all.

Source code is available on github (the current PES17 AATF is the "develop" branch).


autoATF PES17 build v1.56.1 (Summer Cup 2018 ruleset):
AATFF17 v1.56.1


  • Horizontal scroll for edit/export file list

autoATF PES17 build v1.56 (Summer Cup 2018 ruleset):
AATFF17 v1.56


  • Changed minimum 2 GKs to 1 GK to match new rule
  • Trick cards no longer give an error for non medal players

autoATF PES17 build v1.55 (Summer Cup 2018 ruleset):
AATF17 v1.55


  • Updated for new rules

autoATF PES17 build v1.5.4 (Spring Cup 2018 ruleset):
AATF17 v1.5.4


  • Check for manlets not getting stat boost
  • GUI interface
  • Check for proper height allocation
  • Check for manlets not using their full WFA and WFU

autoATF PES17 build v1.5.2 (Spring Cup 2018 ruleset):
AATF17 v1.5.2


  • Added /aco/ and /bant/
  • Checking that 194's are stat nerfed

autoATF PES17 build v1.5.1 (Spring Cup 2018 ruleset):
AATF17 v1.5.1


  • Double A recognition

autoATF PES17 build v1.5 (Winter Cup 2018 ruleset):
AATF17 v1.5


  • Winter rules.

autoATF PES17 build v1.4.1 (Autumn Cup 2017 Ruleset w/ bugfixes):
AATF17 v1.4.1


  • Fixed some bugs in height detection

autoATF PES17 build v1.4 (Autumn Cup 2017 Ruleset):
AATF17 v1.4


  • Updated ruleset to Autumn 2017 standard

autoATF PES17 build v1.3.3 (Summer Cup 2017 Ruleset w/ bugfixes):
AATF17 v1.3.3


  • Fixed some bugs in height and card detection that were discovered while verifying Summer exports.

autoATF PES17 build v1.3.1 (Summer Cup 2017 Ruleset w/ bugfixes):
AATF17 v1.3.1


  • Fixed some bugs with detecting double-position players.

autoATF PES17 build v1.3 (Summer Cup 2017 Ruleset):
AATF17 v1.3


  • Updated ruleset to Summer 2017 standard, thanks Archie
  • Implemented new Captaincy check, thanks Two Scoops for mapping that out

autoATF PES17 build v1.2 (Winter Cup 2017 Ruleset):
AATF17 v1.2


  • Updated the VGL and Invitational team names to follow the new team IDs used in PES17

autoATF PES17 build v1.1 (Winter Cup 2017 Ruleset):
AATF17 v1.1


  • Updated TEXPORT parser to PES17 Standard
  • Fixed Height Abuse Goalkeeper bug

autoATF PES17 build v1.0 (Winter Cup 2017 Ruleset):
AATF17 v1.0


  • Updated to PES17 Standard