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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
This is still a work in progress.
Please be patient.


Step 1. Downloading the base game
Download the first PES17 torrent in the pastebin. Also download the crackfix from the bottom link.
If the torrents and links are not working or dead, please bring it up in the thread.

Step 2. Installing the game

After downloading the torrent just install the game from the .iso
Both installer executables seem to do the same thing, just pick setup.exe.

Step 3. Cracking the game

Copy the files included in the crackfix into your PES17 installation folder, and overwrite if asked to.

Then, download the PES 1.02 exe
Once finished, extract the archive and copy PES17.exe into your PES17 main folder.

Step 4. Downloading and installing the aesthetics pack

Get the latest official aesthetics pack from the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 main page.

Create a "download" folder inside the folder where you installed PES17 (or empty its contents if there is one already) and extract the contents of the pack to that folder.

Please note that Final packs are usually update packs and need the Base pack to be downloaded and extracted first.

Step 5. Downloading and installing the save

Get the latest official save from the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 main page.

Once finished, extract the archive and copy the files to your save file folder.
EDIT00000000 is the actual save file, while COACH files are optional, they are just the in-game coach pictures.

Downloaded save files go into C:\Users\...\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save.
If you don't have a save folder just run PES17 once and it should automatically generate it once you get to the main menu.
Close PES before copying the savedata.

Step 6. Settings and running the game

You might want to run Settings.exe in the main PES17 folder and set up several things to your own liking first.
You need to set Picture Quality to High if you want aesthetics to show up properly.
If the High setting is greyed out, get this tool, open it, choose High quality and click on Apply, then close it.
After that run PES2017.exe and make sure the game says Version 1.02 and Data Pack 4CC.

Help, the crack keeps getting deleted

Stop using Windows Security Essentials or any other terrible antivirus and get a decent one. And yes, Windows Defender will keep deleting your files without informing you even if you've disabled it. No, they are not viruses. You can set up an exception: XP/Vista/7, 8/8.1/perhaps 10.