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Proposed additions/changes

Keeping track of what /4ccg/ proposed to add/clarify

Apparently CODIFY EVERYTHING is slowly becoming a dank new meme in the thread.

  • Codify signups (Done)
  • Mention 48-hour grace period for first export deadline to participate with a nerfed export (Done)
  • Add tie-breaker rules (Currently Points > GD > GF > head-to-head > rematch)
  • Do something with Requirements (Update, link here, merge into Getting Involved, ...)
  • Consider having managers select up to two secondary boards during verification ('proof' included). Only these a manager can switch to. A manager may change his secondary boards but cannot switch to them before waiting 6 months.
    • Debate the number of allowed secondary boards (I'd say two may be too few for people with many interests). MerkaST (talk) 22:49, 28 July 2015 (UTC))
  • Ban Koala y/y? (Done)
  • Do something about emotions (Extensive testing results welcome)? (In progress, off for Autumn '15 to try to assess differences)
  • Codify player transfers between teams (especially when one team is managerless)
  • Codify handling of autopilot teams (proposed by /merit/) (Done)
  • Codify possibility of united teams (This is a terrible idea. Fans might hate one and love the other. Also >codifying that shit)
  • Shorten signups period
  • Suggestion to add this to the managing ruleset: --Cemedygeld (talk) 12:48, 7 August 2016 (UTC)
    • "All managers must authenticate themselves on IRC before being able to leave match instructions. To do so a nickname must be registered, and optionally a vHost can also be obtained. Info on how this is done can be found here: "

From the thread

  • Main issues: Sign ups actually codify in full, The whole Full-Assisted option, The 48 hour thing. Mostly because they pretty much don't exist in the rule page. So it could cause drama (as seen in this thread). I know is 'suppose to be common sense and know by all' but we both have the experience to know thats not true at all.
  • The Auto Sliding: Assisted was mostly because it was never said till Boris catched it up in the /vg/league and acted surprise that it wasn't in the rule page at the time (it is now).
  • >Babbies
    • 48 hour grace period to fix your shit.
  • >Elite
    • Signups, no working export you are out. Right? That would make sense, as in babbies is very likely the team will get to play either way, and it speeds up save fixes for Elite
  • >(minus the commonly accepted save fixes)
    • I know is not easy, but maybe list the errors than make the team illegible to play before save fixes (moving players from another team was one, for example), again just so nobody goes about why X and Y.

Discussed within /merit/ with no decision reached yet

  • Provide ways to submit 'secret' aesthetics for cool stuff that should not be known to the public until game day.
    • Idea: Allow password-protected 7zip archives for aesthetics exports with the password sent to the exports email address.
  • Clarify/expand rules to make sure a team still looks like a football team. Suggestions include:
    • Only 1 field player per team may have aesthetics that obscure the player's kit texture to the point it is no longer possible to determine which standard kit the player is wearing during normal gameplay. Goalkeepers are exempt from this rule as long as they do not play out of position.
    • Goalkeepers should not use models that obscure the position of their limbs. E.g. bigger gloves or weapons are fine, a model obscuring most of the goalkeeper's physique however is not.
    • It should be considered to add the team logo, print name and/or number to a custom model if it obscures those elements of the player's kit.